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WELL hello!

IT’S a new year. Hopefully, I’m sure we’re all in agreement, a better one, and it’s time for new challenges. Mine is finally getting a blog off the ground. A friend, who runs an outstanding blog herself, recently suggested that I start one. I’m not inclined to ignore the suggestion from someone who is making such a success of their own blogging endeavour. If you are in Korea, if you are a traveller, or if you’re looking for ways to look after the planet, I highly recommend you hop over and check out Wee Gypsy Girl!


SO here I am. Post one, half way through January, after winter camp is done and the dust has settled and it’s just me and my computer. So what is this blog going to be? What can I possibly add to the internet? I’m just going to throw in my pennies worth when it comes to ESL teaching. I’m in a position where I’m able to create many activities for my students and it does seem a little churlish to keep them all to myself. So primarily this will be an ESL blog, talking about activities I’ve done, worksheets I’ve created and the environment I work in.

BUT there’s more to ESL teaching than simply teaching itself. You have moved your whole life to another country and your life is more than your job! As a result there may be the odd post on Korea, on books, on baking… I do hope you don’t mind.

PERHAPS a bit or background, where am I and how did I get here. I’m Nancy, a British expat who got on a plane in April 2012 that was headed for Hong Kong and I haven’t looked back. I’m currently living in South Korea with no desire to leave and working in a job I love. Along with many of the expats in Korea I’m and English teacher, and I happen to be working in a public school. I’m in my third year, the second in this school. So far, in Korea, I have worked in four schools, with six different co-teacher and then some, and with students who have a range of English abilities from the outstanding to the non-existent and it’s more often the latter whom I admire more.

I’m originally from the wilds of Cumbria, so my Korean home of Jinhae suits me down to the ground, and when I miss the city, public transport is so magical here that the hustle and bustle of the metropolis is never far away. I do not use the word magical lightly, it wipes the floor with the horror that is the British rail network… how’s everyone surviving this years price hike?

So while I go knuckle down and amass the materials that made the 2017 Harry Potter Winter Camp the success it was, enjoy your week and I shall see you next Monday!

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