New School Year

AFTER last week’s overload of a blog post, this weeks is going to be a whole lot smaller but, I hope, just as useful!

IN Korea, the school year starts in March. Textbooks are going to be in tip-top condition (for 5 minutes…) and our students will be more inclined to work than they are now (which would be not at all.) Along side all of this is the chance to start the school year with a whole heap of good organisational intentions.

A lot of what is about to follow is highly dependant on what your classes are like and how you teach. After creating a whole host of teacher’s sheets last year, I’ve pared this years document down to the essentials or things I hope to use! I’ll like the PDF below and I hope you find something that’s of use to you!


I’M determined to learn more names this year – hard to do when you only see students once a week and the seating arrangements change all the time. To cap it all I’m just really bad with names, but “sweetpea” is getting old now! I’m going to use the class register less to check for attendance and more to keep track of who’s who! Here’s hoping this year I make it!

THIS is a lesson planning format that works for me if I’m doing full lesson plans!

ALTHOUGH the first lesson plan is great, I use this sheet far more often. What with days off, school trips, special events classes will often fall out of sync with each other – filling this in as I go helps me keep tabs on the changes and gives me something to look back on when planning the next week.

I used these last year and asked students to stick these into the front of their textbook. The 2017 version has been tweaked and I’m much happier with this one. What I like about it is that they have clear candy goals and where you see rock, paper, scissors,  students have to battle the teacher for their candy (2 pieces if they win, none if they lose!) As for what happens when they hit 26 – I haven’t decided yet. And when they do finish, they just start all over again.


I’M hoping to utilise these more effectively this year. I want to enforce homework more, and make it a treat to be exempt from it. The candy certificate is great for when you’re moving between classes and you either don’t want to or can’t carry candy about with you! Hand over one of these and your students will come knocking later!

PDF document: teachers-sheets-2017

AND that’s that! Have a fab week.



  1. That reward chart looks awesome, and sticking it into their textbooks is so much easier than trying to have a wall chart 🙂


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