ESL | PPT Games, Part 1

LAST week, tragedy struck. I go to back up my usb, it’s about time, it’s been a while. Imagine the horror when I can’t locate it on the computer. It’s plugged in, but it’s not being recognised. Long story short, that’s a substantial amount of work lost! But I rallied, and turned it into a positive. It presented a chance to overhaul my resources, start from the beginning, and this time I knew what I needed, having first been thrown in blind and having to work it out.

I decided to start with PPT games. Although I’m not the biggest fan, and I try to use them sparingly, there are times when they have their uses and have been enjoyed in class. So far I have templates for the four I use most often.

  1. Pass The Ball
  2. Four Corners
  3. Trashball
  4. Bomb Game

When making these I tried to keep them simple, so they weren’t too distracting, but colourful and eye-catching enough to hold students interest! I guess we’ll see in March how effective they are!

It’s not fun keeping these to myself, so I’m posting the templates here so that you can download and adapt them as you wish! New school year, shiny new PPT’s!



THIS one is simple. Practice dialogue with lower levels/classes, add pictures and you’re good to go!

I’ve gone all out with the theme here. Baseball is big in Korea and, instead of using any old ball for this game, this year we’re using a giant baseball – I’ll add a tutorial later!




IT’S pretty obvious how it works. Put words or pictures in the corner and instead of throwing in animations to make things disappear, I decided simply adding a slide on which to leave the “correct” corner, was easier.

THE countdown timer runs for 10 seconds! Do any Brits out there get the countdown??!!??




HERE, we level up a little. There are no hyperlinks in this PPT, it rolls from one slide to the next! This is one of my favourite games for getting all the students involved if the mood drops or if energy and enthusiasm is low. I make them take turns throwing so every student contributes to the team even if they are too shy to speak up and answer.





I’M hoping that this bomb game is received as the happy ridiculousness it is meant to be (with useful English content of course!) The slides are all hyperlinked. Three things to note with regards to bomb games.

  1. The exploding bomb means EVERYONE loses their points – It stops the team who get the bomb from being too miserable and I am all for a happier class. If one team goes down, they take everyone with them and the challenge continues!
  2. I’ve “hidden” unicorns on random slides. If they spot the unicorn, teams have to alert the teacher. If more than one team see’s it, they have to play rock, paper, scissors for the bonus points. Feel free to take them out!
  3. Last, but by no means least, I always tell my classes that if they are too noisy, I’ll take away points, one at a time. I only tell them once and just quietly wipe them off the board during the game!


I’LL be sure to add templates for a Telepathy game and a Sleeping Elephants in a later post!


  1. I love the simple instructions for each game, and the ‘Be safe’ for 4 corners (because you know these kids love to run into each other). I also find the ‘stealing points’ option in some bomb games can bring out the worst in the kids, so I prefer your mutually assured destruction option 😉


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