I’M sure it is a surprise to no one that when it come to teaching a language, textbooks can sometimes leave you lacking. Be that grammar, content or motivation, it makes our job an awful lot harder. This year, after talking to my Co-Teacher, I have a year long project that I’m going to attempt with my 6th graders. There is no knowing if this will work. My students may not be on board and it may bomb entirely – but I’m going to give it my best shot.

SO here’s the deal: Newspapers. For every lesson in the text book, students will get into pairs and complete a page of a newspaper, utilising the lessons key words and phrases. I will choose one from every lesson to go into the final class newspaper and the rest will be given to the homeroom teacher so that they can display English work in their homeroom if they’d like.

THE general idea is that the whole class works together on an English project, and with 14 lessons in our text book, by the end of the year every student should have their name in the paper at least once – none of my classes number above 28!

I want my students to feel confident with the language they are learning, and at the same time I want them to be able to be free in the content they create. As with my camps, imagination, freedom and confidence are right up there on my list of hopes for my students.

WITH no progress or before or after photos, I’m going to add the document and two overview photos here. Adapt it as you will, whether you use this in regular class, or work it into a camp (I might just steal my own idea with that one!)

THIS is just a wee glimpse of the 14 pages! The rest are all in the document below! I hope it all works out as planned, and do let me know if you use it!


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