Toast and the Gang (and a baseball…)

STILL the demise of my USB haunts me. In the blink of an eye my original blackboard labels were gone and my original drawings are hidden away – I tidied, a foolish thing to do, I know!

SO I had to go back to the drawing board, quite literally. Let me introduce you to the gang!


YES, I know, strawberry doesn’t end in -ie, but this here is a character and I’m going to use it as a teaching point! Phonics , phonics everywhere! These guys are (hopefully) going to adorn the blackboard in my classroom for the next year – well, whiteboard in the English room.




POOR mallow isn’t popping enough to get onto a blackboard label. The below pdf document has these six labels in three sets: strawberrie, cookie and toast! I’m going to be adding these guys into stories and PPT’s throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled.

THESE are easy enough to whip up. Print them onto card, laminate and add sticky-back magnets to the back and hey-presto! All sorts of fun for the blackboard.

IT’S only small, but something that may grab, and keep attention or even be a conversation starter.

Here’s the Etsy listing: Board Headings

Check out the Nelly’s Paper Elephant store for more.

NOW to jump backwards a bit, you may remember that my Pass The Ball PPT game template a few posts back [here] featured a baseball. I promised a tutorial, of sorts, for making a giant baseball. Well here’s the know how.

YOU will need:

  • Baseball cover template
  • A4 paper
  • White felt
  • White thread
  • Red embroidery thread
  • Needles
  • Ball, to cover


FIRST, print two of the above template on A4 paper, and stick them together so you have something that resembles this:


REMEMBER you can always resize the pattern to fit whatever sized ball you are covering.

NEXT, cut two of these from white felt. The felt I used was too thick, so I advise using felt that is a maleable. You will see that my baseball is a little too angular.

NOW comes the tricky part. You need to wrap the two pieces of felt around the ball so they interlock and stitch them roughly together with the white thread. This is to keep the felt in place. The white stitching will disappear into the felt and won’t really be seen once the red thread is added.

THE final task is to add the red stitching. I have no advice other that go and look at pictures of baseballs for a while and find a stitching method that works for you. Mine is by no means perfect, but it looks the part. I’m happy with it as it is!

THIS is what you should end up with:

NOW we can play Pass The Ball with a baseball and it’s going to be a whole heap safer!

IF you make a baseball, let me know how they turn out!


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