Talking Pictures

SOMETIMES I miss the old instagram, the blunt lines, the blue, the old camera icon and, of course, the chronological feed! Before instagram changed, I made a set of picture prompts – instagram being the popular social network site that it is, I figured that most students would be familiar with it!

NOW I work in an elementary school, so these haven’t been of much use to me, but I was able to give some to my friends who work with high school and university aged students and I have receieved positive feedback from them.

A google search provided me with the instagram frame (thank you, whoever you are who created it) and the pictures came from the tumblr blog, WRITEWORLD.

THE theory behind this whole thing is that old saying that “a picture says a thousand words”. No matter the level of your students, they should be able to find something to say, and the higher the level, the more they can talk about the picture. It also prompts the use of imagunation, something I believe is incredibly important.

IN addition to the images, there is a blank page and a backing page! Me being me, I printed the backing page onto kraft paper. It meant there was a lot of cutting and sticking as I backed each picture before laminating! It was worth the effort.

I hope you find this as useful as others have and I hope it prompts some insightful conversations!

Link to the document is: here.

Happy chatting!

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