Toast and the Gang 2.0

TOAST has made some friends in the last few weeks!

Characters 2.0

WITH his new friends have come more labels, this time for around the classroom, although you could use them for the board too!

THESE were made to  be used in a Korean English classroom, hence the one sign in Korean – I figured one for the students who are finding English an uphill struggle wouldn’t hurt!

Classroom Labels 1
You have no idea how many times I say this, especially during winter! Those corridors are so, so, so cold!
Classroom Labels 2
An important phrase in my classes – Even they don’t know an answer, they can say this and not only are they still speaking English, but I know how to alter my teaching to suit them!

Classroom Labels 3Classroom Labels 4

Classroom Labels 5
Once can dream! 
Classroom Labels 6
Words of encouragement for all the students, and one that they’ll all understand!

THE PDF includes labels for around the classroom and one for home room classes 1-8 for grades 3-6. There are also labels for 8 groups (G 1 – G 8).

Classroom Labels 7
This is what the grade class labels look like…
Classroom Labels 8
… and these are the group labels. 

THERE are not labels for things such as pens etc because those are kept in group boxes!


The Gang, all cut out and ready to go!
I do hope these may be a little useful!

You can find the PDF here:

Classroom Lables Grade 3-6 + Groups

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