Stay Away From The Snakes!

PREVIOUSLY, I posted a number of PPT games that I like to use in classes, but now I’m turning to the more traditional board game, and a classic at that. I remember playing hours and hours of snakes and ladders as a child – I have no idea if the board is still at home, I fear it may have been culled somewhere along the line!

I have, in my teaching stash, a pouch full of dice and counters. One of my course instructors on my CELTA carried a pouch full of dice, and I remember him telling us how useful it was – clearly the message sunk in and I have followed in those footsteps.

Snakes and Ladders Blank A

I saw something similar to this floating around on waygook (a site predominantly for ESL teachers in Korea, not limited to teaching by any means, but boy do I hate trawling through it if I don’t have to!) Being a PDF file, in order to adapt the game to suit other lessons, I had to make one of my own. The files below ended up being the result. I still used the ones I have made to this day – I laminated them and whip them out whenever the lesson comes back round again.

IN this post I have included the blank copies of the two variations I have made (rectangle and oval shapes). I have provided  the Publisher file  so that you can add in the pictures you need for your particular lesson or teaching point.  I have also included the explanation PPT for each design option. It’s up to you whether you alter the PPT to contain a specific game (this is what I have always done) or leave it blank. Altering the ppt means lots of screen shots, but it’s worth it, and when it comes to ESL classes, it makes explaining the activity so simple.

Snake and Ladders Blank B

PPT Screen Shot (R)

THIS game has been, and continues to be, a hit in my classes! I hope it works as well for you should you choose to use it! In this case, a little effort goes a long, long way!

Publisher Game Board Document: here

PPT Rectangle: here

PPT Oval: here



  1. This is so great! But I have a questions regards of the arrow up on the blue square or oval and arrow down on the purple one. Thank you! ^^


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