Classroom Labels | Sub-Headings



AFTER years of simply writing everything onto the board in chalk, and not having labels to take from class to class, I’m seriously upping my game this school year. It was in class with one of my Co-Teachers, after greatly admiring her sub-heading labels, that I decided to make my own set. Not sure I’d find pictures I’d like enough, and also fearing they’d be too busy and clash with my other board labels, I went ahead and drew some drawings of my own (except the world – thank Google for that one!) They are simple, to the point, and they have been so, so useful.

IN the end, I mocked up three designs; one multicoloured, one black and white, and one plain. I chose the black and white design. I find they compliment my main labels well and they still allow the text to pop out. I’m seriously questioning why I didn’t make these sooner. Every day’s a school day!

Subheadings - MultiSubheadings - Black & WhiteSubheadings - Plain

AS with the other board labels, these have been laminated and magnet strips, cut from a magnet sheet, have been stuck to the back. Due to the humidity during the summer months, I was advised to tape over the magnet strips to keep them in place. Sound advice for anyone living in warmer climes.


THESE sub-heading labels are directly linked to the Cheonjae textbooks that my school uses and should cover grades 3 through 6. The headings are still, however, pretty universal so I’m sure you can adapt them into your classroom with little trouble.

The files are below! Enjoy!

Blackboard Lesson Sub-headings! – B&W

WBlackboard Lesson Sub-headings! – Mulitcoloured

Blackboard Lesson Sub-headings! – Plain

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