ESL | PPT Games, Part 2

I promised a second PPT games post way back when I wrote the last one. It took me longer than planned, but finally they are here !

Telepathy Game

Telepathy Game Title Slide snap

THE first is this Telepathy Game template. Spring is arriving here and by the time this post goes up, the cherry blossoms should all be in full bloom! As with many things I’m making at the moment, I’m having a go at drawing all my own pictures and this was the winning cherry blossom number!

I find this great for vocabulary and key phrase revision. Students choose 1 out of 4 options and write it down. Each word or sentences is worth a number of points, and students have to tally up their points as they go.

MY students have always love this, I simply decided to make my own template.

Telepathy Game Screenshot


Napping Jigsaws

Napping Jigsaws title page snap

THIS is my version of  Sleeping Elephants. A friend suggested the idea of using jigsaw pieces. so of I went and drew something up and here we are!

AS with Sleeping Elephants, students are in groups of 4. All the students “sleep” (or in this case, nap) and “wake up” one at a time to memorise part of a sentence. Once all the students have been shown their part of the sentence, the group must put everything in order to complete the sentence. I have provided a PDF document that you could print and laminate if you don’t have whiteboards available to you.

Napping Jigsaws screenshotNapping Jiggsaws Board Pic


BOTH of these games a great for making students write out sentences. Depending on the lesson and the level or your students, you can alter the rules accordingly and score Napping Jigsaws in a way that suits you. The PPT’s are linked below!


Telepathy Game – Template

Napping Jigsaws – Template


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