Wonderland Camp | 1

EDIT: As of Friday May 12th, this post has been updated to included additional photo booth props. Read the post for more. 

I promised more camp materials before the summer vacation arrived and I’m horribly behind with posts, so here is part 1 of my Alice in Wonderland Camp preparation. I’m hoping that this will follow a similar pattern to the Harry Potter camp. Fingers crossed. In this post I’m going to focus on making an instagram frame for the Alice in Wonderland themed photo booth I’m planning on making (more to come on that in a later post!)

IT all started from a concert I went to in Seoul in March, outside of which they had instagram frames made for photo opportunities. One schematic that looks a hot mess  later and I was ready to go. First things first though! Materials!


  • 900 x 600 white foam board
  • Felt, of all colours
  • Embroidery thread (those of you in Korea, bigger daiso’s are great for this!)
  • Long skewers or chopsticks
  • Frame printouts(Alice in Wonderland Instagram Frame)
  • Photo booth props printouts (Photobooth Props Templates)
  • Glue
  • Glue gun
  • White card
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Ruler(s) – I did all this with my faithful 30cm ruler, but I won’t lie, a 30cm rule would have been nice!

AND now on with the breakdown…

I did the maths a few weeks before I got round to actually making the frame and had to re-adjust a little!

SO, the final measurements ended up as this:

18cm down from the top:


21cm up from the bottom:


and a rulers width down the edges:


CUT out the middle and you’ll be left with something a little like this:


HOWEVER, as you can imagine, now that the edges are so thin, the chance of breakage is high, so I decided to add some support to the frame using the leftover foam board cut from the centre. I added supports to the edges and three along the top and bottom. I used a glue gun to make sure it stays as stable as possible.

I don’t want the frame bending on my students!

BEFORE I cut out the middle, I laid out all the frame printout to make sure they  fit (they did, perfectly) and took a picture so I could remember placement for later.


AFTER the frame was cut out and supports added, I stuck the frame elements down (wuth a regular glue stick) and lo and behold, we have an instagram frame!


I’m storing the frame on this easel until camp! I’m pretty please with it!

I didn’t stop here! I went further and made the photo booth props too! I started by drawing out what I wanted on tracing paper – I started these before I remembered I was going to make it out of felt. I decided on the most noticeable props from Alice in Wonderland:

  • The White Rabbits ears, watch and bowtie
  • The Mad Hatters’s hat
  • Cheshire Cat’s smile
  • The Queen of Hearts crown and sceptre


I scanned these in using cam scanner and then printed them all in greyscale. These were my templates for the final felt construction.







AT this point I should mention that I had no white felt, so decided to use white card for Cheshire’s teeth and the rabbit ears. I’m please with this decision for two reasons: It added structure to the felt and is also much brighter than white felt would have been. The white card really makes Cheshire’s teeth pop!

I glued everything into place with a glue gun, drew on the details, and then finialised everything with embroidery thread.



I had been laminating earlier in the day and I glued a strip of laminated cut off onto the back of Cheshires grin to give it more stability before glueing a skewer (with the point removed) in place.

Voila! One Cheshire’s grin!

I repeated this process with the remaining props:



The full set!
Everything ready to go!

I’VE since added a handful of embroidered teacups to the mix, I mean it’s Alice in Wonderland, after all! Head over to the This Geeky Teacher instagram to check them out!


I have now (following the same process as above) added Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee to the mix (a horrendous omission I know, but all is well in the world now, and the file you need for these delightful boys, and a bottle of “drink me” liquid, is here: Photobooth Props Templates #2

HERE are the boys under construction:









AND the whole family:

THE next Wonderland Camp post will be all about the tea so keep an eye out, and if you end up making this, or an instagram frame, let me know!


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