Extra Class Material | The Spelling Test

SPELLING tests are so useful for students and teachers. The students are challenged and the teachers can assess how well a class is taking in information. Of course, I’m sure you already know this! I use spelling tests a little differently. My aim, in every spelling test, is to ensure that no student ever gets zero and that they see that understanding and recognising vocabulary is as important as being able to use it. Learning a second language, especially one that they are unlikely to utilize in the future, is incredibly hard and I figure that every ounce of encouragement you can give is worth something.


AS you can see, there are 8 spots, but the tests are marked out of 10! How can this be? I hear you ask. Easy! 6 words and 2 sentences, each sentence being worth 2 points.

SO the above would be what a perfect spelling test would look like, full stops and all. But what about a not so perfect test?

HERE you can see, on this test there are two words and full stops missing (yes, I do penalise absent full stops, always). However, instead of the English word, the Korean word has been written underneath. This shows understanding and warrants 0.5 of a mark. Knock off 0.5 for absent full stops and this student still gets 8 / 10.

SINCE I have been doing these tests, only one student has ever received 0 marks. It’s such a subtle, but no less meaningful, confidence booster.

IF you fancy giving these a whirl yourself, here’s the PDF document: Spelling Test

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