This Months Bests | April 2017

I have my book posts, my baking posts, ones about teaching and ones about traveling around Korea, and even ones about music, but what about all the things I miss in-between! So, in order to not miss anything, I plan on putting up a favourites post the first Wednesday of every month (though being the first, this will be a tad late!)

WHILE there isn’t a whole lot for this months post as April seemed to swing by with alarming speed, let’s get stuck in!


I had a visitor! Lois came to see me during the Easter Holidays. It was the first time we’d seen each other in four years (she last visited me when I was in Hong Kong) and it was as if no time had passed at all! Love that girl!

Look who I found! 



WINNER’S new release, Really Really, really, really is my jam. Pun fully intended. I’d be a Fool not to mention it! (See what I did there…?) I still have it on repeat, it’s that good. I can see this being the song of 2017. In fact, it’s so good I wrote it down on my bullet journal April Favourites page twice this month! Please excuse me while I go and listen to it some more…

Winner - Fate number four



I love planning English camps! Odd I know, but I have free reign and being creative is my thing. This year (as you may have noticed on the blog and on instagram) it’s all about Alice in Wonderland!

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty impressed with myself!



I may have a dislike for crowds of people – not my favourite thing – but I do love the cherry blossom festival! Even better is the yearly return of the Starbucks cherry blossom latte! Always go to make sure you have your fill before the ingredients run out and you have to wait a whole year before it comes back again. To me it tastes like liquid frangipane, only not quite as almondy!

I love it in a “love to hate it” kind of way!
There’s just something about spring!



I love me a good post-it, but these aren’t just run of the mill post-its. who wouldn’t want a set of post-its that look like a ramyeon packet. Korea really does take the stationery game to a whole new level!

It looks like ramyeon, but wait…
Could these be more fabulous!!



I have been to a trick eye museum about 6 times now, both in Seoul and Busan, and I still love going. I have to admit that the Busan one is my favourite and not nearly as busy as the one in Seoul. It’s just such fun!

I take a good candid hair-flicking shot!



I’VE been planning to get a Starbucks tumbler for an age and had finally settled on getting a cherry blossom tumbler. It was not to be. Apparently they sold out in a day, after queues starting at 6am – I am not about that life. I can’t really complain however, as I actually prefer this one from the recent spring collection. And boy does it do it’s job well. It keeps my tea hot and keeps Nancy Teacher happy, not to mention it adds a dose of fabulousness to my day!

This tumbler speaks to me on many levels! It was worth waiting for!



This has been an amazing investment! I now have a designated Post-it area beside my computer screen, instead of having them piling up all around my desk and inevitably loosing track of them! Artbox has an amazing one for about ₩6,000, but if you take yourself to a bigger Daiso, you can get this one for a mere ₩1,000. What a steal!

We’re getting all meta up in here with this photo!


What were your favourite things in April? Anything you’re looking forward too in May?


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