Wonderland Camp | 2

THERE has been so much trial and error involved in getting the teacup craft right! It’s been quite the challenge!

INITIALLY, I had my heart set on this teacup from Next To Nix and made a mock-up using my altered version of the pattern that I’ll included here: Adaptation of Next To Nix Teacup. This is a lovely pattern and here is the link to her post. In the end, however, I decided that this was just too fiddly and would end up taking way too long.

IF you do end up using this pattern however, I recommend using double sided sticky tape.  A glue stick is too weak and a glue gun dries too fast and reduces the malleability of the teacup as a whole.

I do love this guy, despite all his wonkyness!

SO it was back to the drawing board. Or rather, google. There are some great teacup crafts on google, but more often than not attached to books or similar. Whilst I would have loved to purchase these, it would have taken away the point of my camps: to promote as much creativity as possible. The nets I found did create the base of my teacups, I only made one tiny alteration. I cannot take credit for this craft, and encourage you to head over to Pinterest for more inspiration and this crafts origin!

ONCE I’d sized everything up, marked it down, tweaked the edges, traced and scanned, I had a workable document. It’s not as perfect as the original, but it will do the job. Here’s the pdf: Teacup Net

THE construction of these teacups is pretty simple, but in case of any confusion, here is a youtube tutorial (from the creator..?.. her’s are really beautiful). my adhesive of choice for these WAS a glue gun!! Quick and effective, especially for the origami!

I decided that the cups would be embelished with orgami to allow for students creativity. I have done simple flowers and leaves, but my students are far more skilled and I’m sure they will have greater origami skills than I!

PINTEREST was once again my friend and these are the two tutorials I used, along with the dinkiest ombré origami paper.


AND here’s how my mock-up/prototype teacups turned out:


Not going to lie, I’m so in love with these!

I can’t wait to see how my students tackle these! Let me know if you try these out, or what other teacup crafts you’ve made!

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