This Months Bests | May 2017

HERE we are again. Already time for the second favourites (and if we’re lucky this will go up on the correct Wednesday). I’ve played around the the format a little! Hope you like it!


AN old favourite and a new one this month. The old favourite is Coffee Travel (커피여행)  way out by Junam Resevoir, Changwon (HERE). The four green buses that stop out there are the 1, 2, 37 and 42.

IT turns out this is, in fact, one of a chain (anther being Handsome Black by Yongji lake, but Coffee Travel is just so cool (and the pizza is excellent!) It doesn’t hurt that they roast their own coffee and will also grind it to preference!

THE new favourite in the month of May was Jinhae’s Filter Paper (HERE). The coffee was lovely, the presentation stylish and the Earl Grey macaron, to die for!



LIKE a fair swathe of Young Adult book  readers out there, I had been counting down the days to Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Wings and Ruin. I almost missed it, but ended up devouring the Kindle edition the night of it’s release. I enjoyed it immensely. I can see why others may not have been enamoured, but I was quite content with it. It wrapped up this section of the story nicely, it was a jolly old yarn.

a court of wings and ruin cover


MAY has been all about teacups. I finally cracked what I wanted from my camp teacups (as you may have seen on this blog) and outwith this, May was taken up with Open Class planning. I’ll have a whole post on this in the not-too-distant future!



IT’S been one of those months were it’s been a long, lethargic one. With so much going on, and 3 Saturdays of work, I’ve been settling for the old faithful that is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s the best for background noise, laughs and nostalgic moments when focusing on something new just isn’t on the cards.



SO May brought with it some changes, the most significant of those being CrossFit. I’m not a gym person, and I have terrible self motivation when it comes to exercise, but some friends suggested joining them at their gym (for want of a better word) and I’ve payed up for my second month. Does it hurt? Oh hell, yes! Is it worth it? Oh hell, yes! (She types as her upper arms decide to cramp… damn curls).

ALTHOUGH it’s been sore, it’s been a good kind of sore. I’ve definitely been working my muscles in a way I haven’t in quite some time, but I’m feeling the benefit of it psychologically already and to be quite frank that’s all I really needed. I’m never going to be skinny, so I’m going for healthy!

This is the only gym related photo I have, of the walk home. It’s all you’ll ever get!


IT’S a little sad that I’ve done very little crafting this month. Crafting is my other calm place (behind baking) but I did have a conceptual break through with something that I can’t share just yet! Hang tight, in the next couple of months it’ll make it over here!

EARLY in the month, I was still embroidering, and manages to jazz up a white shirt and a pair of my jeans before the blues took hold!



A movie trailer caught my attention early on in May and I was really enjoying the song. I forget the title of the movie, to my shame, but the song was Fifth Harmony’s That’s My Girl. I have, up to now, completely ignored Fifth Harmony, and looking back at their previous releases I realise why – it’s just not for me. That’s My Girl is a surprising jam that I just haven’t been able to get off repeat.

MAY was also the month the PSY graced us with a new release. I wasn’t so sure on first listen, but I LUV IT is now up there on my list. WINNER’s Really Really is also refusing to budge off my recently played list!

I also feel there should be an honorary shout out to Papa Roach here, who released an album this May. Who knew they were still about! I’m not even a little mad about it!!


This month has been mostly all about lipstick. Ever since I’d seen the promo, the Hera X Victor & Hugo collection has spoken to me! I nabbed two of the lispticks (which a discount) and they are summery, creamy and a delight to wear. It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is gorgeous!

Hera v&H lipsticks

SPEAKING of packaging, can we just look at this eyeshadow palette…

Hera eyeshadow palette

BACK onto lipsticks. One of my favourite lipstick formulas in Korea has to be Missha’s Matte formula. A matte finish with none of the drying out and some really lovely colours. Count me in. I discovered this month that there had been new shades released! Slowly, Korean brands are really beginning to broaden their colour ranges. I’m a fan, and would highly recommend any lipstick fan checks these out. 메이크 크레이지 (Make Crazy), the second from the right, a lovely deep purple pink, and 룩 앳 미 (Look At Me), one of the reds to the left, a darker one, are my two favourites!

Missha matte collection


In random loves this month, I’m going to leave you with the gang. Jigglypuff creeping, like always!


What were your favourite things in May? What exciting things are coming in June?

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