This Geeky Kitchen | The Madeline Experiment #1

I’VE recently had an attack of the blues. Muscle pain, tiredness and general ‘meh-ness’ has left me rather unproductive in recent weeks. Until yesterday. The mojo is back and the baking cogs were turning.

I’VE always had a hankering to try Madelines and I’ve always found then a little heavy and dry.  My answer? My lemon cake recipe. Check the Lemon Cake post for the full recipe.

THE only differences from the original post are batch quantity and cooking time:

  1. The full cake recipe makes at least 36 Madelines. As you can see from the first photo below, I over filled my tray the first time and I still manages to get 36. My last few were, alas, a shade on the small side.
  2. The cooking time is 8 minutes at 180°C. You will  need to check on them depending on their size.
Fresh from the oven!

AS with the larger cake or cupcakes, as soon as the Madelines were out of the oven, I poked them with a toothpick a couple of times and drizzled tiny amounts of the drizzle over the top. I repeated this (without the pricking) on the top of the madelines once they were on the wire rack. Remember you have to make the drizzle stretch through all of them. I ended up having a little spare and drizzled the remainder over the whole batch for that extra bit of lemonyness!

Madelines. Madelines, everywhere!


IF you remember back to the Harry Potter Camp post, you’ll have seen this jar before, once full of jelly beans. It has now found it’s purpose in it’s second life as a Madeline container!

Of course, I had to test a few, to make sure they were OK! (Also, there wasn’t space in my jar.. honest!)

THIS is the first in a series of planned Madeline experiments! Stay tuned for the next ones and other This Geeky Kitchen posts!

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