ESL | Semester 1: 6th Grade Review Challenge

JULY is upon us and the the first half of the textbooks have almost been completed. With that comes the question of how to fill any remaining lessons. Some may forge ahead, others may have exams. This year, in my school, neither. I do believe my school doesn’t do exams in semester one, but I’m not 100% sure so don’t quote me on that…

THIS year, I devised a review challenge covering all 7 lessons of semester 1. It should all be pretty easy, take two lessons, and allow them to earn a ton of stamps and a whole host of stickers for their charts (which means candy and maybe the hallowed prizes of new erasers or pencils!!!)

TRUE to my ridiculous style, I’ve made all the resources, hand written instruction sheets and hand drawn the worksheets… the things I do! Here’s a general overview!

6th Grade Review Challenge

Groups: 6

Activity Stations: 7

WHY not 7 groups? Well there are only 6 grades in the school, so for the Lesson 1 “What Grade Are You In?” activity I need them in 6 groups! Easy! All of the activities are based on lessons from the first half of the Cheonjae book my school uses.

HERE are the basic document, and the rest will be spread out throughout the post!

6th Grade Review Challenge Worksheet + Overflow

Review Challenge Instructions

Dragon Fruit Group Numbers 1-8

Activity 1: What’s The Matter?

FOR this activity we’re doing a running dictation. There are 4 different paragraphs and the sentences in those are numbered. This is so students only focus on one sentence at a time.

I should note that there IS a mistake in one of the four paragraphs. An Eroneous question mark made its way in there, and I didn’t catch it until everything was done and prepared. I’m not too bothered by it though, as it will really check to see whether they are reading and taking in the information! I’ll be telling them there is a mistake, but not telling them where! Sometimes mistakes really do work to your advantage!

Running Dictation Review Challenge


Activity 2: Why Are You Happy?  (Lesson 3)

ACTIVITY 2 will have the students putting together sentences and adding in the emoticons where they are needed. Again, there is one error here, and I’m hoping they spot it. There are also multiple sentences and options. What they come out with is up to them, so long as they make as least one sentence that they can transfer to their worksheets!


Missing Emotions Sentences


I made the emoji faces out of felt, using a CD as a basic size template and some really useful shape rulers. Here’s a photo of all of the faces I made:


Activity  3: When Is Your Birthday? (Lesson 4)

I decided to base activity 3 around jigsaws. I made 3 very simple posters for three big hallmark holidays. After the students have put them together, they can transfer the information from the poster to their worksheets.

Review Challenge Posters


Activity 4: What Does He Look Like? (Lesson 5)

FOR What Does He Look Like? I decided to go for a “build-your-own” kind of activity. through a heap of trial and error I ended up making this charming lad, or lady. Students have to build one boy and one girl and write down their descriptions.

Build-A-Face Template


THE face template is pretty easy to use and adapt. You’ll notice I added the rough sketch of the eyes, mouth and eyebrows onto the head outline, these are a guide only! Here’s a quick photo look at how I constructed my Build-A-Face activity:


Activity 5: Go Straight And Turn Right. (Lesson 6)

IT was time for a game. 6th grade played snakes and ladders during the lesson itself (which is where the map comes from) and I decided on SNAP! for the review challenge. When they get the same building, matching picture & picture, word & word or word & picture, the student who calls “SNAP!” has to use the map to give the directions and they group fill out their worksheets. From there they can continue to play for the remaining time.

Building snap

Black and White Snakes and Ladders

Activity 6: Can You Come To My Party? (Lesson 7)

THIS one is a much simpler activity. I made 6 very simple invitations, based of the format in the text book. The students have to read them out loud and choose which one they are going to use for their worksheet! Easy!



Activity 7: What Grade Are You In? (Lesson 1)

 THE final activity should really be number 1 (being lesson number 1 in the textbook) but as it’s the “easiest” of all the activities, and isn’t listed as a numbered activity on the worksheet, it has been bumped down the list to number 7!

FOR this one, each group will choose their grade and write their names beside the one chosen. The catch? They have to write their names in the English alphabet, not Korean. We have a wee crib sheet they can use to help them!


PHEW! Well done for getting through all of this!!

WHETHER you choose to follow this review activity or choose individual activities or resources, I hope this is useful for you in some way! Let me know in the comments below what you use (if anything) and how it goes! ^^

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