This Months Bests | June 2017

WHERE on earth did June go? And it’s already ten days into July as I’m (finally) writing this, so let’s get stuck right in!


NOW that summer is truly upon us, my foodie favourites have taken a turn to the cooler variety, including a near constant craving for bibimyeon (cold noodles. Nom.)

Then there’s tea! This Lotus tea is the most amazing and calming tea I’ve ever had the pleasure to drink and the lovely lady who ran the tea shop was an absolute delight!
Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying the simple pleasures of making hand-drip coffee at work, and baking madelines and brownies. All the stress baking this month! Brownie recipe coming soon on the blog!




THIS month I’m torn between two – Flame In The Mist and A Man Lies Dreaming. (There will be more on these in later Reading Nook posts!)



THERE’s been felt, there have been ice creams (post coming soon), there have been ppt’s… it’s all been going down here. Here’s a few photos of what’s been happening:



JUNE was one long month of exhaustion. Having finished FRIENDS, I was looking for some other kind of familiarity that I could zone out! CSI to the rescue. It stared with Las Vegas and now I’m flip-flopping between Vegas and Miami.


THIS month was also the month that Speed re-surfaced from the depths of the 1990’s. It’s dated, it’s predicable, and I still love it just as much as I used to! It’s a film that makes no apologies for what it is, and I like that! Far too many things take themselves too seriously these days (I’m looking at you James Bond, thank heavens for Kingsman!)

Speed movie



I was pretty lame outside of the gym and work this June. At school I was masterminding a whole revision challenge for 6th grade (go check out this post for more) and my evenings were taken with the gym or trying to keep myself organised (it’s been one of those months!)

I did, however, make it to Dadaepo Beach, a brand-spanking-new beach in Busan, and very convenient to get to from Jinhae. It’s my new favourite beach (and that’s quite something coming from a non-beach person!)




STILL sewing this month. I was browsing through pinterest, as you are want to do, and stumbled over some anthropologie tops. I then realised I had a coupe of tops in my reject pile that could be spliced together for no cost whatsoever. I’m silly happy with the result and having previously stopped wearing both of the tops separately, I’m now living in the new one!

I’VE also been working some more on my origami flowers for some room decor. I was inspired by this instagram post by lovelyindeed.  Fresh flowers wouldn’t do me any good, but paper seemed like a winning alternative, and with all the fabulous patterned origami paper available here, this beauty was born. It lives on the wall above my desk area and I’ rather enjoy it!





A few things spoke to me this month, but didn’t get too much listening.

THE first is Pop Goes Classical, where pop music is performed as a classical piece. I would’t recommend the whole album, but the renditions of Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger, Coldplay – Fix You and Adele – Hello, are awesome. This is an inspired album and I do hope they make more!

Pop Goes Classical

Superfruit (2/5 of Pentatonix) came out with their mini album this month, and Bad 4 Us has been on repeat (but not enough apparently – you’ll see in tomorrows post!)

Superfruit - Future Friends

FROM Korea, we were gifted with SISTAR (Lonely) and T-ARA’s (내 이름은) final farewells (only for now, we hope), new music from BOA (CAMO), and a new song from HEIZE (널 너무 무르고) that has been ruling the charts.

ONE final mention is Save Me by DEAMN. I just really, really like this song.




IT’S been all about off the shoulder tops and XObeauty lipsticks. No pics of the tops, but here’s a sneaky peek of the lipsticks. Here’s the site for more know how, and here’s the launch video! Shaaanxo has just released highlighters and I love seeing small independent businesses doing well!




IT’s sometimes annoying that I can’t write about what has recently happened in this section, but this is the best of June, not July, so I’m having to think back… and then it hit me. Mosquito repellent. I was looking for a replacement for last years effort (not bad, could’ve been better). A friend recommended 홈 매트 (Home Mate) and I have not been disappointed. It plugs into the wall and makes me all kinds of happy!

Home Mate

WHAT were your favourite things in June? Are you looking forward to anything in July?

I’M heading back to the UK for a holiday this July – I am not ready, but I’m looking forward to the hugs!

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