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WHEN it comes to K-Beauty, there are endless things to talk about! There’s the now well reported 10-step cleansing process, the foundation cushions and all the lip tints you could ever dream of. I touched upon this topic a little in my May ‘Months Bests’ post, and thought I’d expand it a little more!

IT would be too much to put it all into once post, I’m not convinced I could narrow it into a concise enough list, so I’m going to split it into categories and start with my favourite: The Lips.

I’ll list some websites at the bottom from where you might be able to find some of these products (if you so choose) should you not have the high streets of Korea outside your door!

I say lipstick, but I’m including the whole shebang here. Lipstick, lip tints, lip scrubs, lip balm. All the things! For the sake of ease I’m going to divide by store or brand, in no particular order, because everyone’s preferences are different. My “rating” system is 1-5 ❤️’s. If a product receives 1-2, it doesn’t mean it’s bad, but rather that they’re not something I reach for all the time or they don’t tick all of my personal preferences. 3 would be a solid great, and 4-5 shows that the product is something I reach for often!


PRODUCT: Liquid Lipstick

NAME: Matt Painting Rouge


COMMENT: I LOVE these lipsticks. The colours are to die for (even better since they’ve released new ones).


매이크 크레이지  (Make Crazy) continues to be my favourite shade, but I have no favourite in terms of formula. The formula is consistent across all the shades, even with the darkest red, which is quite the feat!

They dry down matte but don’t dry out the lips. I can wear these for days on end and my lips hold up just fine (this may have something to do with a product I’m mentioning later!) In addition, then don’t budge.

Simply put, these are awesome!

Here is Make Crazy in action!

Pony Effect


PRODUCT: Liquid Lipstick

NAME: Pony Effect Stay Fit Matte Lip Color


COMMENT: These are neck and neck with the Missha lipsticks, in my book. They are just as moisturizing, the finish is beautiful and they don’t budge!


Etude House

I’LL be honest, I don’t really rate etude house lip products for the most part. They’re too sheer and too samey for me. I have friends who love them and I can’t deny that the packaging is cute, I mean look at these:

Etude house new liptint icereams
I love Etude House for this.

I want them all! But I know I’ll never get enough wear out of them! You’ll see Etude House pop up more in later posts, but for now settle for this wee guy, the Berry Delicious Lip Jam Scrub.

PRODUCT: Lip Scrub

Name: Berry Delicious Lip Jam Scrub


COMMENT: THIS lip scrub is one my my favourite, from the packaging right down to it’s job.  It even looks like jam, but I certainly wouldn’t be putting this on my toast! Sometimes I wish it were a little grainier, but asides from that the sent is delicious and not too overpowering and my lips really do benefit from it’s use. I’ll take good moisturising over high scrub content any day!




NAME: Ferment Snail Lip Treatment Stick


COMMENT: This is the bomb! Seriously, this is up there with pawpaw ointment for it’s awesomeness when it comes to lip healing. Will I make sure I have this in stock if/when I ever head back to the UK? Hell yeah I will!


I use this in conjunction with the Etude House lip scrub, and with pawpaw ointment. It’s so hydrating it’s magical. I’m not the biggest fan of the smell, but it fades so quickly it doesn’t cause any bother, and it’s a small price to pay for the magical effects! What would be really nice is if this guy wasn’t so damn hard to find! It’s on Amazon UK if you’re desperate, but it’s pricey!

The Face Shop

PRODUCT: Liquid Lipstick

NAME: Ink Lipquid


COMMENT: I am always pleasantly surprised by these! A friend put me onto them and when I went to have a try they were on offer, 1+1. I ended up with a rosy pink and a bolder pink. The pigmentation on these guys is unreal! Every time I wear them, I’m amazed by the colour and the shine!

So why have these not scored any higher? Simply, it’s the transfer factor, I’m a lazy lipstick wearer and prefer to touch up my lip colour as little as possible. That being said, it should be noted that these lipsticks fade beautifully and leave behind a stain that looks pretty good itself. So really, there’s little downside to these! I’m going to endeavour to wear these some more!


PRODUCT: Lip Crayon

NAME: Creamy Tint Colour Balm Light


COMMENT: I’m really not the biggest fan of these. The pigmentation was lovely but the bleed on the red was not. The staying power was decent, but the bleed was not. For the nude, it was this weird crumbling… At the end of the say, these lipsticks and I just weren’t a good match.

mamonde lip tint colour balm light
I wouldn’t say don’t try these out, as every person is different, so they could work for you better than they did for me!


PRODUCT: Lipstick

NAME: Longlasting Matte Lipstick


COMMENT: I almost forgot about one of these products from Skinfood. Much like Etude House, I’m not overly fond of Skinfoods lip products, or makeup in general. I much prefer their skin care, but these two items found their way into my collection. The colours are lovely and they feel very moisturising for a matte lipstick, but the formula tends to be a little grabby. My lips have to be in tip-top condition for me to wear these comfortably!



NAME: Rose Essence Lip Balm


COMMENT: The balm was given to me and it’s actually a pretty useful wee thing to have. It reminds me very much of the red tinted Vaseline (do they still make that or no?) It’s great to have in a bag to throw on when you’re not feeling full on lipstick but fancy a hint of colour and it looks after your lips too – and the tin his hella cute! Winning all round! The only reason it only has 3 hearts is because it’s just not a go-to product!



PRODUCT: Lipstick

BRAND: Rouge Holic


COMMENT: I mentioned these in May’s ‘Months Bests’ post and I’m still so in love with them. They are some of the sheerest lipsticks I own, and I still love them (I’m not really a sheer lipstick person, I’m all about that colour!) They’re so light and breezy, for if a lipstick could be breezy these would personify that, and they’re perfect for summer. The packaging is also to die for.

BEFORE this launch, HERA was a brand I had dismissed completely due to price, but these products (and they generous quantity of samples I’m enjoying) have made me look at them a little closer. Their skincare is doing wonders for my skin!


PRODUCT: Lipstick

NAME: Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip


COMMENT: I only have the one colour from this range. It is a classic lipstick in that it’s simple, there’s no fuss to the formula and it needs re-applicaion etc. but the colour makes up for all of that! I do believe mine is vigin orange, and it’s one of the most well balanced orange-red’s I’ve had the pleasure of wearing. As a red-head, I always used to fear that orange based colours would class, this was the lipstick that broke that fear! Four hearts for nostalgia!


The Saem




COMMENT: I actually did forget about these two, surprisingly, especially as when these were first purchased I wore them constantly. These are a semi matte formula that are just two of the most beautiful colours. They appear matte but are such a creamy texture that has a some transfer but also hella high staying power! I also love the simple, with a twist, packaging! I’m in love all over again.

I hope you found some of this useful! Any questions, please fire away and there are some websites below that hold some of the products mentioned in this this post!


Beauty Box Korea





STYLE Korean



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