This Months Bests | July & August 2017

THANKS to a bit of a technology blackout during my time in the UK, last months ‘Bests’ post didn’t happen (not that I’m really complaining, if anything it was refreshing and a much needed re-charge.) As a result, this month we have a little 1 + 1 going as I tackle July and August together. I’ve pared it down to the best of the best. Let me know what you’ve been loving this summer down below, and on with the show!


MUCH as it was amazing to be in the UK and surrounded by all the food (I’m looking at you, cheese) I’ve actually been enjoying meal prep the most in the last two months. I returned from the UK feeling better than ever and determined to overhaul my eating habits. A big part of this has been school lunches.

IT seems that sugar is a major culprit here! I love Korean food, the sugar and all sorts that’s put into recipes either for taste or for bulk are hidden and (for me) evil! Going home was like. Detox. Am I still going to eat Korean food – sure! Man I miss Kimchi so bad, but I’m simply going to be sensible and eat right – for me anyway – with some cheeky Korean moments here and there! Winter is also fast approaching, which means it’s nearly kimchi jiggae time, one of my favourite things to make in the winter!

FOR lunches though its been all about the chicken and the veggies and it feels good!


IN addition to this, I’ve also been baking my Mum’s chocolate banana cake recipe. Gluten free if you use the right flour (mine is on it’s way) it contains remarkably little sugar and butter, is endlessly adaptable and so so delicious – and I got to use my new baking trays!



THERE is only one book here. In two months. I know. Shame. SHAME! But it was a very good book!

Val McDermid Out of Bounds

VAL McDermid really is the Queen of crime. Her writing style is in a league of it’s own and her books are interesting and enjoyable. I read [title] whilst home. I’ve always enjoyed crime fiction and McDermid is always a good read! I also loved reading about Edinburgh, a city I spent a lot of time in as a student.

IF you are a lover of crime fiction and you haven’t leapt into McDermid’s world yet, I highly recommend it!


SCHOOL has been out for quite a while, and we’re  currently in our first full week back, but in the time between I had Summer Camp. My students were fabulous and had a great time!



THREE things this time. The “in the background” shows have been New Girl and Scrubs. We’re giving FRIENDS a wee break!

THE third item is a documentary that I was completely fascinated by: The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway. With 5 episodes, 3 from 2014 and   2 from 2017, this is a fascinating look into the buulding of crossrail, or the new Elizabeth Line in London. The documentary showcases what an astounding feat of engineering it is, reminisces about the history of the tube and of London, and delves into the world of architecture too! It’s utterly compelling!

fifteen billion pound railway



BY far, heading home wins this one: It had been way too long! This visit home I also spent a substantial amount of time in London, the first time I’ve ever done so, and it was brilliant! I was dragged around by my sister and my friend (literally dragged) and I was definitely a little over excited! No shame!



IT’S all about the ice cream and that’s all I can say for now!



WINNER have been killing it this year! I’m still listening to REALLY REALLY, 6 months on and it’s still sounding really, really good. And then they go and released new music in August and they’re equally brilliant! All the waiting was worth it!

Winner Our Twenty For Cover

KESHA has also been on repeat. Praying is an incredible song! Can’t stop listening!

Kesha album cover

AN at home discovery was Jools Holland’s newest album Piano. The man’s a genius!

Jools Holland Piano Cover



JENNY, dungarees and lipstick! Let’s be real, will there ever not be a lipstick on this list…

JENNY is my hairdresser, and an absolute goddess! In a land with very few foreigners, she works magic with my hair! She has skills!

I purchased a pair of dungarees in London and wore them on the plane back to Korea. Best. Decision. Ever. That front pocket is a travellers dream… where else does one keep their passport now?!

THE Kiss Me liquid lipstick in cosmo has been put to good use! I’ve been a red mood and this one has been my go-to!




I have been upping my game on Canva recently and been loving it. It’s come a long way since I started using it!

WAX seals have been adding all sorts of fabulous to my letters. And yes, I am a proud Hufflepuff!


My Sign!


I regret none of the things!


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