ESL | Sleeping Elephants PPT

**UPDATED: October 12th 2017

SLEEPING Elephants is a classic PPT game, and so useful in the ESL classroom. I whipped up my template today and I’m sharing it here! And we have a new member of the family, kind of!


I’VE been drawing this elephant, just as a line drawing, for four years now, and now she’s made it into a PPT and with a little colour! (You may recognise her from Nelly’s Paper Elephant).

THIS template is simple, clean and focuses on the sentences. There’s room for 10, but there’s nothing stopping you from adding more, or taking some away.

Sleeping Elephants Screen Cap

AS for the rules, well you can choose any kind of scoring system you like. I’ve seen and used many variations over the years and it’s so dependant on the class in question, that I’ve just omitted it completely from the PPT. I would, however, recommend whiteboards!

THE download link is below. I hope you find this game as useful and enjoyable as I have over the years.

Sleeping Elephants Template

THERE are other PPT games available on the blog. Check out the PPT and PPT Game tags, or find them here and here.



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