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SCHOOL schedules are an ever fluid thing in Korea. With field trips, teachers trips and all sorts of school activities, classes get shuffled around all the time. It’s important to make sure that classes in the same grade don’t get too out of sync. This is where filler lesson, on or off topic, become useful. This post is about just such a lesson.

LESSON 10 in our 4th grade book is “Do you want pizza?” and my CT and I decided to stay on topic for this filler lesson. I took inspiration from the “Do you like broccoli ice cream?” song on you tube, a firm favourite of mine for any food related lesson!

THE premise is simple. There are 60 different food cards and one worksheet (links at the end of the post). I printed two copies of the food cards and laminated them!

STUDENTS will either blindly pick, or be given three different food cards. They then have to the use the cards to create their own yucky food, and write sentences. The sentences they write are up to you. You’re the teacher!!

It’s simple, effective and my students are going to love it. Let me know what wacky combinations your students come up with!

NOTE: If you do choose to use this, remember there are Korea specific foods included!


Do You Like… Work Sheet

Food Cards

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