This Months Bests | September 2017

SEPTEMBER has been a really odd month and now it’s over I just about back on an even keel again. It’s been interesting! But a little knock-back is no bad thing and make you come back fighting stronger and harder. My creative synapses are firing (sometimes way too fast for me to keep up) and


AS you may remember from last months bests, I spoke about making my own lunches. Kimbap is my on/off go-to. It’s easy to prepare, it’s filling without being too much and it doesn’t take up much space! I’ve also been all about oranges and Korean pears. Crisp, just deliciousness!

Best. Lunchbox. Ever.

BAKING wise, my Choc Chip Pumpkin Cake is my pride and joy, and so, so perfect for autumn. (I know I have spent too much time with North Americans and teaching American English because I have to stop myself saying ‘fall’ every time!!)




ALAS, despite my TBR Reading Nook post, I’ve not started any books on the list. I’ve not finished any books either, but I have started one: Still Waters by Viveca Sten. A Swedish crime novel. It was on offer on the Kindle store, and I’m hoping it get’s me out of my reading slump. After the fraught emotions of the last month, one of my gifts to myself is going to be designated reading time!

Still Waters Viveca Sten Cover



IT’S been really nice to be busy, despite the inner anxiety. For me, the anxiety is no bad thing – I treat it like nerves before going on stage; something to be embraced and utilized, and generally meaning that you’re doing something right, somewhere! But I digress!

I’VE created a few new resources and games this month (although one post went up in October). Links below.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4



THIS month was the comeback of the K-Drama. It’s been a year since it started, and it was time to revisit Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (달의 연인 – 보보경심 려). This drama heals my heart and then rips it to shreds. I needed a good cry, and this gave it to me! This drama definitely ranks up there as one of my favourites!

Scarlet Heart Ryeo



I have been sorely lacking in this aspect of my life across the board. adjusting to two of my closest friends from Korea being back in their homelands, battling my own internal sabotage and general feelings of meh have kept me out of the social loop and out of the active loop. I mentioned earlier about gifts to myself, well the second one is exercise. I don’t need New Year for resolutions. I’m going to forge myself into a runner whether I like it or not!

I managed to weasel one trip right in at the end of September to Gamcheon culture village in Busan where there is a most excellent staircase!


Harry Potter is everywhere! You don’t choose the Potter life, it chooses you!



DRAWING, drawing and more… drawing (and ice cream). I never thought I’d be drawing so much – and liking what I was producing! Here’s a few new friends to say hello to:




I’M becoming a bit of broken record (topical, much) but WINNER really have knocked it out of the park with their releases this year (and apparently we may be getting another before the year is out!) That said, I do listen to other music!

THREE artists I’ve been listening to frequently this month are Audiomachine, Two Steps From Hell and Léa Paci.

AUDIOMACHINE and Two Steps From Hell make what I affectionately call Epicusic, a term coined (though my memory is a little hazy) when one or both of these groups were introduced to me by one of the Catherine’s back in Hong Kong! Both of these are production companies, rather than artists, and used to make music purely for the film and related industries – theirs is the music you sometimes hear in movie and video game trailers. They have since begun releasing albums to the general public. They are awesome!

IN no particular order, Audiomachine:

IN no particular order, Two Steps From Hell:

THE other artist I mentioned was Léa Paci. I had been talking to my friend, who has just moved to France (most envious) and sharing some of the French music I had – which is apparently a hefty amount thanks to a flatmate at uni and, again, a friend from Hong Kong. Apparently Hong Kong was quite the place for a musical awakening! Having shared my music, most of which is from a few years back, I thought I’d go and scout out the French music charts and see what was about. This album jumped out at me.

SHE’s a newcomer, with an album that is reminiscent of old French classics that are so ingrained in musical culture that I can’t even name them, but also fresh and new at the same time. And, of course, I sent it straight to my friend in France!

Lea Paci Album cover



THIS month I’ve been more concerned with getting myself up and to work than anything else! Mornings have been tough! What made it a little easier was the release of new matte liquid lipsticks by PONY EFFECT. The new mauve-nude shade is to die for! It’s made me feel more put together on the bad days! It’s as exquisite as it’s name!

PONY EFFECT Stay Matte Lip Colour #Exquisite



IT’s been that slow of a month that I really had to reach for something to go in here! I settled for a little bit or organization that makes me feel that little bit more in control. I’m hardly the tidiest person in the world – anyone who has lived with me will back me up on that – but I do like tidiness and organization!


My marker collection has been many years in the making, and now I have a place to keep them and it’s really easy to carry them round with me! I just wish I could find a notebook make of tracing paper – that would make my day – I may just have to make one!



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