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WHEN I first came to Korea, I was working in two smaller schools. Both schools asked me if I’d spend time with the Kindergarten students every week. I had no objection but was, surprisingly, unprepared for the challenge. I was fresh out of Hong Kong when I landed in Korea, and started teaching after 4 weeks of acclimatizing myself during the summer vacation. I was fresh out of teaching majority Kindergarten students. I knew Korea would be different, I came to Korea expecting and embracing this, but I hadn’t anticipated the disparity in English levels that I was faces with. I had to re-asses everything I knew about Kindergarten teaching. I wish I’d had more back-ups up my sleeve.

ENTER these worksheets from This maze worksheet really stood out to me. kindly provided the under the sea themed worksheet and answer sheet  for me to share with you here on This Geeky Teacher  – download links at the end of the post!

ws generator theme chart summer
This is – quite literally – just a snapshot of what’s available on!

MY brain went firing off in a million different directions when I saw this – it’s so simple and yet so adaptable to any level of Kindergarten/Early Learners class and helps with their motor skills to boot. And best of all, there’s no English, which removes some of the fear that younger learners may have when dealing with an alphabet so different to their own!

A worksheet that bounces off a simple, universal theme is a launchpad for vocabulary, stories and songs and this really is a gem, so come take a dive into the ocean and help the sea creatures find their way home. If Under the Sea isn’t your thing, head over and find games, activities, songs, and more at!

IF you’re struggling with younger learners and want to focus their attention on a theme or activity, you will find something here. Take it from me, a site like this can be a life-saver!

Worksheet & Answer sheet:



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