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I love my bullet journal. For years I was a hardcore moleskine diary user, but the big ones were too big, the little ones too little and there wasn’t enough space for me to add all those extra bits and pieces. Some time in 2016 (September, I checked) I happened across bullet journaling, found me some dotted page notebooks and away I went. Notebooks with dotted pages can be elusive in Korea. In the last week I came upon some more (thank  you, miniso) so I have a wee stock now.


I mostly take inspiration from Life by Whitney – she has created an amazing array or spreads from the simple to the complex, you’ll definitely find something there that you like! These are great for the day to day, but I was beginning to hanker after something more teacher related.


AS a GET (Guest English Teacher) there is limited paperwork – the majority is in Korean, the completion of which falls to our fabulous CT’s (Co-Teachers). I still like to be organised and plan what I’m doing as far ahead as I can. This has become easier over the years as you get used the the text books, have an armory of activities at your disposal, and get pretty skilled at manipulating your teaching style to vibe that of your CT’s.


LATELY I’ve been trying to streamline my planning into one book, so I created some spreads for monthly and weekly overviews of classes, a detailed lesson plan, and a “stationery cupboard” spread. I’m debating setting aside a notebook especially for this next school year.

I have created 4 templates, two of which you can download here for free and you can head over to the etsy store and download the full Teacher Bullet Journal Planning Pack. The etsy purchase will give you access not only to all 4 bullet journal templates, but also to print-and-go versions that you can simply fill in and slip into a binder if that is your preference! All the links you need will be below!


EVERYONE plans differently, but if there’s are useful for you I’d love it if you let me know how they go! I’d love to see them in use and adapt them to work for you! Tag me on instagram: @thisgeekyteacher. Moreover, are there any layouts you want to see me create! Let me know in the comments below!


Teacher Bullet Journal Planning Pack

Lesson Plan – Bullet Journal Layout

Monthly Plan – Bullet Journal Layout

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