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IN the next installment of the K-Beauty series, we’ve made it to face products!

SADLY, in this post I have to mention that Korean brands don’t cater to a wide range of skin tones – Etude House has one of the largest foundation ranges I’ve seen, all on the lighter end of the spectrum. For the most part, foundations usually have just the two colour options. Oh, Korea!

I’LL list some websites at the bottom from where you might be able to find some of these products (if you so choose) should you not have the high streets of Korea outside your door!

AS always, for the sake of ease I’m going to divide by store or brand, in no particular order, because everyone’s preferences are different. My “rating” system is 1-5 ❤️’s. If a product receives 1-2, it doesn’t mean it’s bad, but rather that it’s not something I reach for all the time or they don’t tick all of my personal preferences. 3 would be a solid product, and 4-5 shows that the product is something I reach for often!


The Saem



PRODUCT: Base/Primer/Corrector

NAME:Jell Base

RATING: ❤️❤️❤️

COMMENT: This isn’t bad, but not something I reach for – primers in general aren’t my thing, the don’t seem to benefit the rest of my make-up at all, but I’ve not got the greatest breadth of selection to choose from! Where this product is great, is in how it counteracts redness and dark circles.


Etude House



PRODUCT: Foundtation

NAME: Double Lasting Foundation

RATING: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

COMMENT: I love this foundation – mostly because it’s the only range available in Korea, both domestic and international, that carries a shade that works with my skintone properly, undertones and all. I wear it less in the summer, as it doesn’t like to stay in place, but when this occurs I mix it with a more heavy duty matte foundation that is a pinch too dark for me – the two compliment each other well and when mixed come out with a pretty decent shade!



PRODUCT: Contour/highlight Stick

NAME: Play 101 Stick


COMMENT: There are soooooo many different products in the Play 101 Stick range, and this is my favourite by far. I’m not really any good at cream contouring – I’m definitely a powder girl, but when I’m going for a dewey look, which has been known to happen, this is what I reach for. It’s an excellent shade, suitably cool-toned, and the highlight end is great for brightening up my under-eye area.



PRODUCT: Highligher

NAME: Secret Beam in Pink & White Mix


COMMENT: This is a really nice, subtle highlighter – and I prefer the subtle to the blinding glow on me – but I just don’t reach for it as much as I reach for others. This was my first highlighter purchase, so it retains a great amount of my love! And it looks pretty!



PRODUCT: Stick foundation and blushes

NAME: Play 101 Stick


COMMENT: I went through one of these foundation sticks, and thought I wouldn’t purchase one again – I liked it, but wasn’t blown away. However, I went back. I like using them for light makeup – the blush sticks are delicate and give a lovely glow. I grab these when I’m in a rush, throw on some mascara and some lip balm and I’m good to go. And they are so useful for traveling.


The Face Shop


PRODUCT: Blusher

NAME: Coral Cushion Blush


COMMENT: The packaging of this blush is hella cute. I mean just look at it. It is, however, probably the lowest ranking blush in my wee collection. It doesn’t have great staying power and cute as it is, it’s cumbersome.




PRODUCT: Cushion Foundation

NAME: Foundation


COMMENT: This product has been a surprise. Daiso, our favourite Japanese “things I don’t need, but I need” store, started stocking this Korean brand. The lighter of the two foundation shades was paler and not as yellow as they often are here. The coverage is good, medium to high, and it has good staying power. Considering my experience with cushion foundations up to now was less than grand, I’m very impressed with this product.




NAME: Blush


COMMENT: Lovely colours, cute packaging. A little more powdery than I’d often like, but the colours are lovely and subtle. Not a huge amount to say for these!



Get ready for the mess that is this cobbled together palette of mine!


PRODUCT: Blushers

PAN: The two square blushes, top right

RATING: ❤️❤️❤️

COMMENT: I love these blushes and I neglect them more than I should. The pink is hella bright, but somehow works, and the peach toned blush is delicate, and dusts the cheeks with just the right amount of peachy glow.


PRODUCT: Highlighter

PAN: Round pans, White highlighter and Rainbow highlighter, centre left

RATING: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

COMMENT: I was about to hit pan on the pale white-gold highlighter when I took this picture, and now you can really see it poking through. I love this. For a long time I wasn’t sure, It just took me a while to learn to use it (the answer, for me, is the right powder). The rainbow one was purchased on a whim (they were everywhere) and it swiftly became one of my favourites. The colours are far more muted than they are in the pan and the shine is just delicious!


PRODUCT: Bronzer/contour

PAN: Circular brown/nude and square two-toned square, bottom right

RATING: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

COMMENT: I actually like to mix these to pans together, and the combination creates a lovely glow on my skin. Being silly pale, it’s tricky making sure bronzers and contours don’t look muddy or orange – even harder when the range available is smaller than that in the UK or US, but Tony Moly knocks it out of the park with these two!


That’s it for face products. I actually use more imported products than I used to – the range available in Korea is constantly expanding. That said, I am always coming back to my Korean favourites, and I’m really keen to try a Son & Park foundation soon!

Do you have any Korean makeup favourites? Let me know!



Beauty Box Korea





STYLE Korean


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