ESL | Film Critics

A short one today, and I’m sorry to disappoint, but there are no actual films involved in the teaching of this activity.

WHEN I first made and taught this, it was a small part of the lesson “What Do You Think?” but would be easy to expand for a whole 40 minute lesson. I was only using film posters, but it would be easy to add in the film trailers as well!

ESL - Film Critics (2)

THE premise of this lesson is simple. It’s a means to illicit opinions from students. How you teach this is entirely up to you. I have attached a simple PPT and a Critics Scorecard below. I removed the posters I had chosen from the PPT, so you do have to add your own. This is no bad thing, as each class is going to be different, and it also depends on your students ages!

film critic PPT slides

THIS is an excellent filler lesson, a warm-up to a topic if you have time to spare, or simply some good fun! You wouldn’t even have to use posters. The yes/no column can refer to trailer, book covers or even album covers.

Film Critic PPT

Critics Scorecard

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