Halloween Bunting


HALLOWEEN is right around the corner and whether you need a last minute class activity, classroom decorations, or party bunting, this post is here for you!

I’M not going to go into much detail about construction in this post. It’s very similar to my Ice Cream Bunting construction, the only difference being there’s no lollypop stick sandwiched between the felt layers.

The Halloween Bunting Template is available over on etsy for the grand total of 60p! And as with the ice cream bunting, I laminate my print-out before cutting it out!


AS you can see, I went for felt again – any chance to sew – but you could use anything. Trace them onto card, get out the glitter, glue and sequins and go to town. Trace them onto watercolour paper, get out the paints and go wild!

I love you can give the pumpkins any face you like, and it’s not as messy as carving one!

INITIALLY I was going to put stars on the hats, but while I was rummaging about in my thread bag, I pulled out the grey and decided that a neat little stitch around the brim would be nice.  I’m silly please with how they look.

I had to get Jack in there somehow!

AND who said bunting had to be in a single line?

WHEN I was thinking about how to photograph my bunting, I was lamenting my lack of halloween decor. So I made a spiderweb. I rigged it up on the fly (could that be a better pun) using black embroidery thread – it’s all I had to hand – foam board and some staples. I’m really pleased with the results and it holds the weight of the pieces just fine!

This was tricky to photograph in poor lighting, but you get the gist of what I was aiming for!

I do hope this is useful for you, at least for next year if it’s a little late for Halloween 2017. If you do have a whirl at this, tag me over on instagram @thisgeekyteacher.

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