2018 Honeycomb Calendars

2017 is coming to a close and 2018 is nearly upon us. A new year means new calendars and this year, I’m throwing my printable version into the ring! When I was trying some bullet journal layouts, I was running with a hexagon theme and ended up with this awesome honeycomb pattern (which also left me hankering for a crunchie, but that’s by-the-by).

I had to try and get Rupert on here eventually – my companion of, what, 25 years now!

I wanted these calendars to be teacher friendly, simple, and effective, so what I have done is make the space for each day relatively small so you can see what is happening that day – if anything – at a glance. I then partitioned the notes section instead of leaving a vast expanse which, in my case, always becomes a sea of scribbles and information invariably gets lost. The Notes section categories are:

  • Goals
  • Key Dates
  • Assignments
  • Lesson Planning
  • Notes

I love how customizable this calendar is. You can print on any type of paper and embellish in any way you like. There are some photos below to show you a few of my (not always terribly artisitic) calendars. The will be more over on the This Geeky Teacher Instagram as I post each calendar view monthly from March 2018!

In this calendar, red days are holidays and purple is an important event – in this case, school closes for winter vacation! I have a wealth of rubber stamps and can’t wait to get to next October. 
I printed this month onto some awesome spotty paper I discovered in my local Alpha. I love how the black lines pop on the yellow, and I blocked out my Winter English Camp and holiday with slim washi tape. Winter vacation rolls till the 30th Januray, so there’s not a lot happening this month!
The last month of the school year, ending just before Seollal (Lunar New Year) and giving us just over a week to play musical classrooms! I went with the palm leaf washi to complement the spotty green!

THE download is available over in the Etsy Shop. One payment will get you three files:

  • 2018 Honeycomb Calendar
  • 2018-19 Korean School Year Honeycomb Calendar
  • 2018-19 UK School Year Honeycomb Calendar

I made three versions because I will, in reality, be using the Korean School Year calendar – I already have a desk calendar that will see me through to March! That being said, everyone plans differently, so I made three files. I’m looking forward to getting mine set up for the beginning of the new school year!

I hope you enjoy the Honeycomb Calendar as much as I do, and I can’t wait to see them in action. Don’t forget to tag me @thisgeekyteacher on Instagram and Facebook and @thisgeekyteach on twitter!


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