ESL | Supermarket Activity

WHILE I’ve said before that the textbooks we use are great foundations, sometimes they need a little pick-me-up! This week’s took the form of a wee trip to the supermarket!


WE are really fortunate in our English Room to have all sorts of resources, among which is more plastic shopping baskets and food than I could ever possibly imagine, right down to the floppy, square cheese slices!  The activity in the book called for a flea-market like activity – I decided to take it up a level and tie it into previous lessons activities and vocabulary.

HERE’S a general run-down of the activity. The students work in groups with a budget of $25. The food is set out on tables, in tubs or whatever is easiest for the classroom space you have, each location or area containing items of the same value. This is entirely down to the teachers! The students can see the food and can, as a group, think about what they want to buy. The group members go to the “supermarket” one at a time, returning to their desk every time an item is bought and noting it down on their worksheet. This means all students have an opportunity to use the target language. This continues until they have exhausted their budget!


Photo’s from my awesome CT!
We eventually chose to leave the worksheet as one sheet and not split it into two – much less work!

FOLLOWING this, they need to make a menu including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack, using only the ingredients they purchased on their shopping trip! They can use their items as many times as they like!

THIS activity ties together several different themes from the 4th Grade text book – so some subtle review and revision can be added in any way you like! In addition, my CT an I decided that returns would be allowed if students wanted to alter their purchases!

Of course the Bank of This Geeky Teacher had to feature the OG family!

AS $ was the currency featured in out text book, I am aware that some text books use ₩ and if I could I would have used £. All three options are included in the This Geeky Currency PDF. These notes can also be used for all kinds of activities! I made my own purely because I didn’t want to use the monopoly money!

THIS activity was a huge success – I’ll update with photos later!


Shopping Lists Worksheets

This Geeky Currency

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