This Months Bests |November 2017

NOVEMBER has flown by in a heart beat. Where did it go? It seems so surreal that we’re now barreling towards the end of 2017 and I’m not even remotely ready (so much so I wrote 2016 before I corrected myself…)

A LOT of stuff has happened in some areas this month, and next to nothing in others! How have your Novembers been?


I’VE made my biggest effort yet to sort out my eating habits this month and the results in just a week were extraordinary!

TO give a little background, there are all sorts of foodie ticks in my family that have come and gone with age/illnesses etc, as it is with many families. We’re all quite a gabby bunch, and also very foodie, so we’re all pretty tuned in to the finer nuances of food, and now with a nut allergy and a coeliac in the mix, we’re even more aware. I stopped having milk in tea the first Christmas of University – I still use it for cooking, but now almond milk is my go-to! I try to avoid bread unless I’ve made it, and I try and keep my sugar intake low!

2017 was the year I discovered that I can’t eat bananas. I did a little research and apparently banana intolerances are a thing! Of all the fruits… All things considered, being an asthmatic, I shouldn’t really be eating bananas anyway, so it’s no bad thing. Whilst doing my research I read that whilst eating them alone can make people feel icky, they can still be ok mixed with other food. That worked for a while but, alas, no more banana cake for me…

SO after months of feeling groggy, bloated and just not quite right, I’ve stripped my diet right down. I’m by no means a fussy eater, I’m not denying myself anything nor am I particularly fastidious, but I’m aiming to keep things simple and myself healthy – as the big 3-0 looms ever closer, I’m aware that I really should be looking after myself more. A blogger/YouTuber I follow, Mina Oh, posted this video about how she meal preps and it was such an obvious “Ohhhhhh” moment, I couldn’t believe I’d never thought of it before. On the same day, one of the many creative people I follow on Instagram mentions these powerballs from Clean Eats & Treats in their Instastory. All this info resulted in this:

Not only is this so good for you, it’s also very aesthetically pleasing!

THE difference in the way I feel has been amazing… I’ve still been drinking my coffee, had a nibble of chocolate, thrown in some tuna or rice of an evening (and there was a day I broke and had some pizza) but I feel awake, my bloating has changed dramatically (I don’t weigh myself, but gauge things by how my clothes fit) and I’m intrigued as to what it was that was making me feel so rough before! November has been the best foodie month of 2017!



I have not read a single book this month. I opened my kindle many times to start one, but never vibed with anything. Between being ill, worksheets for school and camp prep involving a lot of computer time, there wasn’t quite the brain space for reading! Will endeavor to improve upon this next month!



SCHOOL has been great this month! I blogged about the Fact File Worksheet a few weeks ago, and I”m still on a high from this. As a teacher, I love the days when things click for my students. This worksheet proved to my 6th graders that, without doubt, they can use English. And they did it on their own. Come March, when they move on to Middle School, I will have taught my current 6th graders for 2.5 years. This is the longest I have consistently taught a year group in my 6 years of teaching and, through the good lessons and the bad, I’m so glad I got to teach them.




I’ve not done any watching of anything this month! Much like reading, there’s not really been the brain space!



It’s been a stay-at-home and recover month! The most exciting thing I’ve done is take myself to coffee-shops after work to do… more work (or study Korean)!




I’ve been drawing up a storm this month! So much so that Toast & Friends now have their very own instagram: @toast_a_gram.


I’m also ridiculously pleased with my honeycomb calendar!




IT has been a great music month! Of course, this is all relative, but I’m pretty happy about it! November brought me Caravan Palace. I have been a fan of Electro Swing for a long time, but had never delved far into the genre. Thanks to Jools Holland, I have been educated!


NOVEMBER was also the month Seventeen released a new album. I’ve been listening to their music since debut, but 박수 sent me headfirst down the blackhole of appreciation! Their albums are choc-full of bops, with a heavy proportion written and produced by themselves . In Korea they are known as the “self-producing” idols. I’ve been enjoying their versatility with genre.


SPOTIFY’S gift this month has been Fall Out Boy’s song, The Last of the Real Ones. I’ve had it on repeat ever since! Fall Out Boy has held a special place in my heart for years, and I was overjoyed when they ended the hiatus. Not one of their records disappoints me and I cannot wait for the full release of MAN I A…


LAST, but by no means least, Red Velvet have aced the physical album this month. Their newest release, Perfect Velvet, has the most perfect CD ever. Pun fully intended, because who doesn’t want a CD that is a bedazzled pizza!



ALL THE KNITWEAR! It finally got cold in the latter half of November. In Korea, the first really cold day of the year invariably falls on the day of the 수능 (Suneung), the university entrance exam. An earth quake in Pohang on Wednesday 15th meant that the 수능 was postponed a week (the first time since it was introduced) so we had two really cold days this month!

IT was a really tough week for High Schoolers after the earthquake, so I really hope they are all enjoying a well deserved rest!

Toast accurately conveys my love of knitwear!



IN random loves this month…

I have been loving my lunch bag. If I am correct, this is a bento bag (?). I grabbed this a Daiso a week or two back – I have no need to worry about insulation with my lunches, but my creative brain is already working on how to re-create this with an inner layer of insulation… watch this space!


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