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I mentioned the concept of Top 5 Wednesday (#T5W) in a previous Reading Nook post. Whilst I don’t religiously follow or complete each week, it’s great seeing and hearing others opinions on books etc. I was having a wee shufti at the goodreads Top 5 Wednesday page, and this one from November 2017 jumped out at me, and I thought I’d give it a whirl. So, in no particular order, here are the top 5 books that I am most thankful for, or, in my case, the 5 books that carry the most nostalgia or comfort with them!

AS with all my Reading Nook posts, there are links (where possible) to the UK Kindle store and Book Depository!

* The covers I have chosen for this post may not be in print any more, but they are the ones that I own, or the ones that have the most nostalgia attached!


the swish of the curtain cover

The Swish of the Curtain – Pamela Brown

Kindle | Book Depository | Amazon Books

KICKING off with an obscure one. I read, re-read and read this book again to the point where it is falling to pieces. I couldn’t for the life of me pin-point exactly what drew me to this book, but I kept going back to it and even now, probably a good decade since I last read it, I can still recall the story with perfect clarity!

THE basic premise is this: 7 children from 3 families form an amateur theatre group. It’s not all sunshine and roses either – perhaps that’s what I liked about this book. They had to work, hard, for what they wanted. They had to prove themselves and they weren’t given an easy ride.

THROUGHOUT my childhood, this was my pick-me-up book. The one I reached for that gave me a hug in book form – a snuggle read, if you will. It’s comforting, familiar, and has a great ending that leaves plenty to the imagination (apparently it was a whole series, who knew…)

NOW I’m off to get me a copy as I need to re-read this immediately!


Eva Rice lost art of keeping secrets

The Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets – Eva Rice

Kindle | Book Depository

IF The Swish of the Curtain was my childhood snuggle read, then The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets is my adult one. It’s reminiscent of Dodi Smith’s I Capture the Castle (which I love) but set a couple of decades later as the winds of change are whipping through the UK as Rock-and-Roll swings its way into being and Penelope is trying to work out how to be an adult. To be honest, aren’t we all still trying to work that out…

I’VE gone through several copies of this book, as you are want to do when you lend a book and it never comes back to you… I have never regretted a single repurchase, and I’m planning another as one of the newest covers is to die for – I love me a good frock!


Harry Potter 1 cover

Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling

Kindle | Book Depository *

* The links here are for full sets, but it won’t be difficult to find individual books from here!

THERE is no way this list would be complete without Harry Potter, and nothing will ever beat this first cover of Philosopher’s Stone! I, quite literally, grew up with Harry Potter. I was 17 when the last book was published and my friend and I spent hours – hours, I tell you – discussing what we thought would happen in the last book. We called it! I devoured every book in one sitting, I still  listen to the Stephen Fry audiobooks, I still love to watch (and hate) the films. My love for Harry Potter knows no bounds.

WHAT’S equally, or maybe even more magical, is the number of book loves the Harry Potter series spawned. So many booktubers, book bloggers etc cite Harry Potter as the beginning of their journey. I was a reader before Harry Potter, but there have been few books that I have waited for in anticipation the way I did with every new release (except the “eighth” book that shall not be named here…)

IT has now been twenty years since Philosopher’s Stone was published, and the series has lost none of its magic. That really is something!


Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

Kindle *| Book Depository **

* The Kindle Amazon Classics Edition is free! Winning!

** There are too many editions of Pride and Prejudice to choose from, so I have linked you to the Wordsworth Classics edition – these are always excellent value for money!

I first read Pride and Prejudice in the summer of 1996, the year after the 6-part BBC adaptation first aired. I had been staying with some family friends who owned the drama on VHS. I had wanted to watch it, but when my friends father asked me if I’d read the book, I had to say no. He told me I could watch it only after I  had read the book! So, at the age of 7, my mum took me off to the Bluebell Bookshop, which is, alas, no more, and we picked up a copy of Pride and Prejudice. It tipped me into the classics like no book before it and will forever hold a special place in my heart. I have always love Elizabeth Bennet, and her father, had love-hate feelings towards Mr Darcy, and all sorts of frustrations with Jane and Bingley. My copy is battered; the cover is torn and discoloured, and I love it that way. I look after my books, yes, but I also believe that books are meant to be read, and that a battered, well loved book tells it’s own story.

21 years on from that first reading, I will still pick this book up ahead of many others and it never fails to delight me!



Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

Kindle *| Book Depository **

* Again, the Kindle Amazon Classics Edition is free!

** As with Pride and Prejudice there are so many editions to choose from. This time I have linked you to the Penguin Classics edition!

I was given a massive copy of little women (and Jo’s Boys, I think) the same Christmas my brother was given a similar sized book that was the Lord of the Rings trilogy. To my knowledge he never read it and I have since claimed it! These are beautiful editions, filled with illustrations (I’m sure Peter Jackson took inspiration from this copy of Lord of the Rings…) and when I say they’re  massive, I mean door-stop sized – you need strong arms to lift them…

LITTLE Women made this list as it is one of few books to have ever made me cry… I’m a sobbing mess in sad movies – there is no exception, even Ice Age brought me to tears and I can’t be in the same room as The Lion King at times – but books don’t make me cry nearly as often. I’ve been brought to tears by two books this year, for very different reasons, but until then, Little Women was the only one that tugged on my heart strings in such a way.

THE nostalgia attached to this particular edition of this book is so strong that I rarely read Little Women any other way. It’s best devoured whilst curled up in a cosy chair with a rug, the fire lit and a cuppa in hand.


What books are you thankful for? What are your fondest book memories? Whilst writing this list I surprised myself at some of the things I remembered, and even had difficulty keeping it to 5… then I thought there were a couple of books/authors/series that deserved a post to themselves!

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