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KOREA has become known for it’s skin care, especially the ten-step program! I am definitely a lover of Korean skincare. It’s (mostly) affordable, it feels great on the skin, and it works…

WHILST, I might not follow the 10-step regimen to the letter, I now have my own little routine where I mix and match products to suit my needs and skin preferences and in this post, instead of taking you through brand-by-brand as I’ve done previously, this time I’m going to take you through step-by-step.

ALTHOUGH many of my steps are the same morning and evening, some differ. Where there is a difference, I will insert a 🌞 detailing how/why I use it in the morning morning, or a 🌃 for the night time.



PRODUCT: Olive Real Cleansing Oil

BRAND: Innisfree

COMMENT: 🌃I’ve been on the hunt for a good make-up remover for a while. I used the Banila Co.’s Clean it Zero, but didn’t like it enough to re-purchase. I wandered into Innisfree one day and discovered this – and it was on 1+1 to boot! I’ve been really enjoying this. It’s easier to use than the Clean It Zero, it removes make-up like a dream and olive oil is supposed to be excellent for your skin. I notice a difference now when I don’t use this!



PRODUCT: Purifying Cleansing Foam


COMMENT: I was gifted this by a friend, after I was already aware of the line. I am in love with HERA skin care products – they are definitely my favourites. I’m not so happy about the price tag.

🌞 This is the first thing I use in the morning. Having used the olive oil cleanser at night to throughly wash my face, I use a small amount of this to wash away the dregs of sleep and night cream first thing in the morning!

🌃 At night, I use this to wash away the remnants of the olive oil cleanser, and any last fleck of make-up I may not have caught. My skin doesn’t appreciate being washed with just the olive oil cleanser – the excess oil needs to be removed! This really makes me feel fresh and clean before bed!



PRODUCT: Purifying Cleansing Water


COMMENT: If I’ve been wearing make-up for a long time that day, or if it’s been a hot and sticky day, I quickly use some of this on a cotton pad just in case I’ve missed anything!



PRODUCT: Pink Vital Water Toner and Emulsion

BRAND: Etude House

COMMENT: The toner and emulsions I use change the most out of everything on this list. Currently these are my go-to, but they’re about to run out so I’m going to moving onto something new. I have been enjoying this particular set, but not sure I want to re-purchase!



PRODUCT: The Green Tea Seed Serum

BRAND: Innisfree

COMMENT: My skin needs all the nourishment it can get, and green tea is excellent for that. This is one of Innisfree’s best products and it makes my skin feel wonderfully fresh and tingly! This is always on the re-purchase list.



PRODUCT: The Therapy Anti – Aging Formula

BRAND: The Face Shop

COMMENT: I used up the last of my Etude House anti-age cream and then moved onto this one. It’s not bad… I don’t dislike it, by any means. I think I preferred the Etude House one, but clearly not enough to repurchase. This is nearing the end of it’s time with me, and I’m on the hunt for my next one…



PRODUCT: Cell Essence Mist


COMMENT: I love this. Of all the serum’s and essence’s, this is my favourite. But I only have a little so I use it sparingly. If i need it, I use it. Some days I will use this in favour of avoiding everything else. It’s refreshing, cooling and feels so so healing. I dread the day my samples are all gone, meaning I’ll have to actually fork out for a full sized number. HERA, why are you like this…

NOTE: For Steps 3-7, which products I use and in what combinations very  much depends on my skins needs. It it needs more TLC, I’ll use most of the products listed. If I’m in a lazy or my skin is clearer, then instead of slathering a ton of product on my face, I’ll apply the bare minimum with a mind to keeping my skin moisturised! 



PRODUCT: Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream

BRAND: Tony Moly

COMMENT: 🌃I only ever use this at night. It smells divine and feels so soothing on the skin. It really helps to lull me into a calm place for sleep. Whilst it may be a “white magic” cream, and I certainly don’t need any help in that department, I find that this helps to balance the redness and dark circles on my face really well!



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