This Months Bests |December 2017

December is done and a new year is here, so before I look back at the year that’s just gone, here’s a look at December 2017! It’s not been the most exciting of months…



AT any time, making a traditional Christmas Cake from scratch is a labour of love. Making one abroad when it’s exponentially harder to source all the ingredients is even more so. This year I was determined to make a Christmas Cake, primarily to share with my co-workers. It was an absolute joy to share a traditional part of Christmas with them!


ALAS, there has been no reading this month, but there has been a lot of purchasing thanks to the kindle store’s 12 Days of Christmas sale. I’m excited for all the reading in 2018!


DECEMBER is an odd month in school. Most work this month has been in the background, and focused on preparing worksheets and resources for the coming school year. Stay tuned for blog posts coming soon!


A late-comer to the party this month is The Good Place. I love this show! One of the best things I’ve seen in a long time! Ted Danson is delightful, and Kristin Bell’s character is fabulous. Also, Tahani’s dresses are to die for – I want her wardrobe!



BAR a wee Christmas shopping trip to Daegu, it’s been a quiet month with very little going on!


CRAFTING this month was limited to Christmas pressies, one of which I can share with you here – the others have yet to reach their destination, because life!

Pikachu is having issues! :/


DECEMBER is the month of Christmas Music, and for 25 days I can listen to it to my hearts content. This year, SIA threw an album into the mix and I LOVE IT. I was sad to take it off the iPod after Christmas Day, but there’s a time and a place…

SIA Christmas album


KNITWEAR, knitwear everywhere! I’ve even started wearing higher necked knitwear – this is quite a shift for me… It’s also been a massive red-lip month.


IN even bigger news my red hair, lovingly maintained for eight years, has been replaced with a dark red-brown (I can’t get the red out of my hair, ever, so red-based dyes for life!)


TOAST has featured big this year! I gave myself an advent calendar drawing challenge over on Instagram at @toast_a_gram. Head over there to see more of these guys:



AND that wraps up December! Next post will be a look back at 2017! Hope to see you there!

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