Best of 2017

2017 has been a year. Things have happened big and small. Globally, it’s been interesting. On the home-front it’s been… interesting… Regardless, there are good things to be found everywhere, so here’s a little waffle about some of the things that I enjoyed (or can remember) from this year!


TOP 5 Blog Posts of 2017:

  1. Harry Potter Winter Camp 2017
  2. ESL | Sleeping Elephants PPT
  3. ESL | PPT Games, Part 1
  4. ESL | Bullet Journal Spreads for Teachers
  5. This Geeky Kitchen | Lemon Cake

IT’S really nice to see this lot in the top 5!



MY best read of 2017 was, without doubt, A Man Lies Dreaming by Lavie Tidhar. As I’ve said before, this was so good it got its own blog post (there are spoilers). I cry watching movies all the time, but it’s rare for a book to bring me to tears. There have only been three, and this is one of them! I’m going to be recommending this book forever!

A Man Lies Dreaming (smaller)



WHAT can I write about the last school year… It’s been an interesting one. My over-arching feeling is one of pride. I am so proud of 2017’s 6th Grade. They are a diverse year group, with a wide range of English abilities, but all of them have worked hard this year and shown  huge amounts of development in their own ways. The Fact File worksheet blew me away with their demonstration of English Skills across the board and I’m going to be quietly cheering them on as they head off to middle school!

IN addition to teaching, being a GET means that opportunities to explore and experience Korea are thrown my way. This year, I was fortunate enough to go to Dokdo. It was quite the experience and very enlightening! I will forever be thankful that I was given the opportunity to learn more about an issue very close to the heart of many Koreans, and also make friends with this cracking bunch in the process! Here’s my original Dokdo post.




FRIENDS, the ever present show, has been on repeat more often than not this year. It’s been quite the source of comfort, and is still as good now as it was the first time round!




IF you’ve been reading this blog a while, you may have garnered that, before I moved to Korea, I lived in Hong Kong. 2017 was the first time I returned to Hong Kong since my departure. In a three-year gap, a lot has changed in Hong Kong, not necessarily all good ones. Regardless, it was wonderful to be back. Hong Kong will always have my heart, just as Korea will always have my soul. These two, very different, places have caught me in a way I never imagined they would.

RETURNING to Hong Kong felt like going home. It’s wonderful going somewhere and knowing where everything is! It’s even better having a friend there who can show you parts of Hong Kong you’d never explored before. It was a good trip and helped alleviate a little the Hong Kong homesickness that has always outweighed any homesickness for the UK! I blogged about my trip here.

I also took a trip back to the UK in the summer, and spent an extended period of time in London for the first time – London ain’t half bad…



2017 involved so much crafting… I’m so chuffed with all of it, I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just leave you with a ton of photos!

Wonderland Camp 1 | Wonderland Camp 2 | Wonderland Camp 3 | Open Class Guess Who | 6th Grade Challenge – Semester 1 | Ice Cream Bunting | Halloween Bunting


MY siblings will tell you that I have questionable taste in music – there was a comment somewhere about some of it not being in English (it was Korean music) but I am of the view that music transcends language any day! Sure there’s more effort involved looking up lyrics, but I’m learning a language here too!

HERE are some of my favourite releases from 2017, off the top of my head:


Winner - Fate number four

IF you have seen any of my Year in Music posts (last one coming on Friday) you’ll have seen that this song features in every single month since it’s release! I still love it! Hands down, this is my song of 2017.

  • Scared of the Dark – STEPS

Steps Tears on the Dancefloor

QUITE simply, this song brought back all sorts of memories – I will not apologise for wallow in nostalgia, ‘cos this is a bop!!!

  • Wake Me Up – B.A.P

BAP Rose cover

BACK in March, B.A.P released this song, with a hard hitting message about mental health – something Korea deals with very badly, lagging decades behind the west in it’s understanding and acceptance. In recent years, there have been ever increasing numbers of celebrities in Korea who have been taking hiatus’s for a variety of mental health reasons. Anything that anyone can do to bring attention to this issue is to be applauded!

  • Praying – Kesha

Kesha album cover

THIS song hits hard. It’s heartbreaking and it’s healing. The support this song, and Kesha, received is absolutely deserved.

I would be here all day if I tried to go through all the music I’ve loved this year – clicking on the music tag will take you to my months bests and year in music 2017 posts, there’s more there if you fancy it ^^


THE two things I have loved this year (and every year) eye shadow and lipstick! Sorry, not sorry!

I heart Makeup’s chocolate bar eyeshadow palettes have reigned supreme this year, and LiveGlam’s KissMe subscription has been a delight – but Pony Effects matte liquid lipsticks will always bee favourites!


2017 was a year of evolution in many ways. One of the most important (arguably) has revolved around coffee. I’m not a morning person, at all, so it’s been nice to develop a morning routine that involves getting to work in enough time to make a nice hand drip coffee. This is good in two ways. First, it forces me to get to work on time. Second, it gives me time to wind up into the day and be on the ball for the first class. Most of the time… Monday’s will always be awful!


2017 has also been in interesting food year. I don’t know if it’s getting older, or simply listening to my body more, but there is now a wee list of food that I can’t or don’t like to eat, the most hilarious one being bananas! It turns out I have a banana intolerance which is heightened when I’m particularly tired or my immune system is low! I can’t even eat banana cake anymore! *sobs*


WELL, that was a little of 2017 in a nutshell. I’m not so good at these posts, but this blog is as much a record for me as it is random (but I hope enjoyable) reading for you! I hope you all got through 2017 in one piece, and that 2018 treats you all well!! x

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