ESL:REBOOT | Desk Name Stands

NEW Year, New Plans, New Resources. An I’m kicking off what is no doubt going to become and invaluable resource for me, and I hope for you too!

ONE piece of advice that we GET’s (Guest English Teachers) are repeatedly given is to learn students names. How manageable this task is depends on the size of school you’re in. Whilst I managed to retain a decent handful of students names in my first school where I had only 2 classes per grade, in my new school it’s been next to impossible, with 5-8 classes per grade. From March there are no less than 7 classes per grade throughout the entire school! As you can imagine, trying to learn names is a challenge and a half. I think I’ve finally found my way around the issue.

I’ve been using these for this week’s camp!

I’m always up for using my drawings for anything I do, and one days I was looking at this wee guy and it reminded me of something I had seen a homeroom teacher do back in Hapseong! To be honest, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure something out!

THE idea is simple – these sit on the desk so that when I’m meandering around the classroom, or calling on students, I can use their names! Very few of my students have English names, and I’ve never asked them to use them if they do – it’s up to them – I can read Korean, which gives an instant win if you can try reading their name in their native alphabet!

I know I’ve taken this photo backwards, in terms of the classroom, but it was easier at the time!
There are 4 designs to choose from!

IF you always teach in an English Room, I would recommend adding velcro to the bottom of the name stand and to the desk – that way they won’t be going anywhere during class! (This is what the homeroom teacher did in Hapseong with her third graders!) If you’re moving between homerooms, it’s easy to carry these around in a box with a couple of whiteboard markers and wet tissues.

IT would be easy to make these part of the class routine and a clear signal to the class that the lesson is about to start!


THE download is available here from the This Geeky Teacher Etsy store. These are so easy to print and laminate. To put them together all you have to do is cut out the long rectangle, score across the three horizontal lines, fold and stick down with double sided sticky tape! Easy Peasy! I highly recommend printing them in colour!

LET me know how these go if you decided to give them a whirl. Tag me on Instagram at @thisgeekyteacher!

DO you have any methods for learning your students names? Share any tips and tricks in the comments!


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