Mixtape Monday | 1

WELCOME to the first Mixtape Monday, where I’ll give you a round-up of what’s been top of my iPod playlists recently, and a little waffle to go along with it!

SOMETHING TO NOTE: Music is subjective, I like what I like (and there isn’t much I don’t like). This just happens to be the round up of my current jams!



KICKING off the list today is Eminem’s newest release, Revival. Eminem albums are always a good time and this album is no exception! He balances his own personal style with consistent evolution brilliantly. His lyrics are raw and real – if you’ve listened to his earlier albums, you’ll know just how close to the bone he can get with his lyrics. Revival is as hard hitting and pulls no punches. In Like Home (feat. Alicia Keys) he manages sum up in 4:05 minutes how many of us feel about the current state of politics in the US. I’m not even American, and this song made me feel some kind of way!

Primary Pop

I’m now au fait enough with less mainstream Korean music and producers that I can stumble across gems. POP is produced by Primary, a great RnB producer, and features some of my favourite vocalists. A case in point is track 1, 드라마, features Kim Sunggyu of Infinite. It’s such a catchy tune!


MONSTA X are a Korean K-Pop/Hip-Hop/EDM boy group who debuted in 2015. I’ve been listening to their music since then, but it’s only in the last month or so that I’ve really go into them!백살탕Because of You and Fighter have long been favourites, but I’ve finally branched out.

AS previously mentioned,백살탕 and Because of You are two of my favourite Monsta X tracks and both come from the 2016 mini album The Clan Part.1 Lost. but recently I’ve been listening to All In, the title trackand wondering why on earth I didn’t pay it more mind before- I’ve had this since it’s release…

NEXT is the re-package of full album The Clan Pt.2.5. The Final Chapter, titled Shine Forever.  Released June 2017 I actually missed this album the first time around, figuring I hadn’t listened to the original release much, so why go for the re-package. Huge error. Title track Shine Forever is a jam and has not left my recently played for weeks!

FINALLY we have Monsta X’s most recent release from the end of 2017, mini album The Code. I love every single song on this album. There’s not a dud on there. There’s a good balance of styles



CARAVAN Palace are an electro swing group from France. I happened across these guys late in 2017, but Lone Digger  from the albumRobot Face (or <|°_°|>) has not left my recently played lists.


Seventeen Teen,Age

MUCH like Monsta X, Seventeen is a group I had always listened to in passing, mostly their title tracks, but never went much further. Teen, Age, their most recent release, is a full album that is wall-to-wall greatness. If you know Seventeen, you’ll already be aware they’re a multi-talented bunch. If not, they are a 13 member Korean group that s formed from three teams; vocal, hip-hop and performance. Their albums usually contain tracks with a range of different member combinations, and then some tracks with all 13 of them. They are known in Korea as “self-producing” idols, as they have a heavy influence in writing and choreographing their songs. Each release has shown growth. My stand-out songs on Teen, Age would probably be Change Up (unit leaders), 13월의 춤 or Lilili Yabbay (performance team) and Rocket (Joshua & Vernon).


he Greatest Showman

I missed this movie in theatres, but I am here for the OST. This Is Me and From Now On are belters and I can’t wait till I can get this on DVD and can sing along at home!


Winner - Fate number four

I think we can agree that it’s now reached the point where it’s not really a music post on This Geeky Teacher if I haven’t mention this song at least once… Yes, I am still listening to it, and, yes, it is still as good as it was last March! Honestly, until something as good or better comes along, I don’t see this going anywhere – I wonder if any 2018 releases will top it!


Kelly Clarkson came back with her stellar voice and cracking attitude at the end of 2017, and I’ve been playing Medicine pretty solidly! The rest of the album is good, but nothing to write home about!


Infinite Top Seed

This album has been a long time coming. For a little background, Infinite is a 6 (formerly 7) member Korean boy group who have some of the tightest choreo in the game (unless you’ve seen any of their older Weekly Idol appearances…) They are particuarly well known for The Chaser, chosen as the best Kpop song of 2012, and Before The Dawn, with its signature “scorpian” dance move. Both have aged incredibly well. Top Seed is only their 3rd full album, but it’s one of their best and Tell Me has been on repeat since it’s release mere days ago. The sound is still quintessentially Infinite, but they’ve tweaked it to suit the altered line-up and the shift in the Korean music scene. We didn’t get a release from them at all in 2017, so this is along awaited return, and they’ve not disappointed. If you’re not familiar with Korean music then I’m sure you’ve realized by this point in the post that they don’t follow the general pattern of releasing an album every couple of years as in the UK/US etc. Here, they put out rolling releases, be they singles, mini albums or full albums. They can be months or years apart, but generally for the first few years of a groups career, you’re likely to see releases every 3-6 months. This is, of course, a very broad observation, but you get the drift…

Honourable Mention: 

MX Spotlight cover

Spotlight is the first original Japanese release from Monsta X. Through the latter half of 2017 they were releasing Japanese versions of their Korean title tracks. Spotlight is a belter of a track. Japan has a different musical nuance to Korea in terms of what spread of genres are popular and it’s always interesting to see how groups adapt their style to suit a different audience. This has been solidly on repeat!

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