ESL:REBOOT | Teacher’s Sheets 2018

Teacher's Sheets 2018 (2)

AROUND this time last year, I started this blog having just lost several years worth of content on my USB (now I have everything backed up in 3.5 places…) One of the first salvageable resources I had were my teacher’s sheets. You can read about them here. Anything that makes out lives easier is a good thing and I’ve gone ahead and given them a little facelift for the new school year.

Find the PDF download on Etsy, here.

Included are:

○ Individual Student Reward Charts

THERE has been little alteration from last year. This time, I’ve used my own drawings, and altered the font, and made it so the “candy” spaces are not explicitly candy, so you can reward your students in any way you see fit! Some teachers I know give their kids vitamins instead – I think that’s pretty cool! When I was in primary school we used to get to choose one gummy bear, on occasion. I still remember the excitement when the massive tub of gummy bears came out!


○ Reward chart for 5/6th grade, Semester 1 & 2, based on 3 English classes a week

○ Reward chart for 3/4th grade, Semester 1 & 2, based on 2 English classes a week

THESE are a new addition to my teachers armory. I am hoping that these will help with class control and behaviour. The class, as a whole can earn one sticker per lesson. If they have been badly behaved, performed poorly etc, then the teacher has the right to refuse to give, or even take away, stickers. An end of semester/year reward for the classes who do best. These can be used in the English room, or easily taken from homeroom to homeroom, depending on your teaching situation. Seeing a physical representation of their behaviour may help some classes to toe the line a little better.


○ Weekly Overview

I like to plan week by week. Try as I might, planning too far in advance can result in multiple changes down the line. These days, I know what lessons are coming, so I prepare activities or worksheets ahead of time, but as for the extra bells and whistles, they can come later. The reason for week by week planning is that schedules can change at a moments notice and now that I’ve been here a few years, I can plan at speed. I still want to stay organised and on-track, however. My CT’s and I usually have wee chat on a Friday to have a quick run-down of the next week, this sheet will be great for that. This is modeled on the elementary school 6-period school day.


○ Lesson Plan – horizontal

○ Lesson Plan – vertical

FOR more detailed plans, I have these two options. Up to this year, I was using the vertical layout, but I decided to throw a horizontal one into the mix this year. They’re pretty self-explanitory.


I hope you find these as useful as I have, and if there are any other sheets you’d like to see me create, please comment down below and let me know! If you decided to give them a whirl, tag me on Instagram at @thisgeekyteacher!

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