ESL | Valentines Day

Valentines featured Image

I’VE been AWOL these past few weeks – life has a way of happening, the cold has a habit of freezing fingers and throwing you down the path of illness, and I’m moving from my desk in the English Room down to the teachers room so all my crafty endeavours and worksheets are being packed up! (There’s a lot!) The cherry on the top is that my laptop is also out of action, so I can’t work from home! The latter half of February is all desk warming, however, so I’ve got a ton of posts planned and coming your way! Until then, I am delighted to be bringing you another worksheet from

WE’RE wrapping up the school year here in Korea, so no one really wants to do any work and the text books have been finished, but several weeks of movies isn’t so great either. So, if you need to fill a gap in the next couple of weeks – or if hagwon teachers are fancying something fun, yet still relevant to spice up their valentines day, I recommend this word search, which you can download below!

wordsearch screen shot

I’VE never made any secret of my love of word searches, and any revision of prepositions is a good thing! Never mind how cute the graphics are! Get a box of chocolates and you could make an entire lesson out of this with some sweet rewards!

DON’T forget, for more great word resources and games check out!



Word search: wordsearch_prepositions_valentines

Answers: wordsearch_prepositions_valentines_answers

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