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IT’S a new school year and the decorations are still going up in classrooms, and in the English room with now have space we never thought we’d have! That means we get to do some decorating – and I get to make things. Everybody wins!

WE thought we were losing the English room this year, and emptied it out, only to find out 48 hours later that we had to move everything back in. Classic Korea. None of us were mad about it, however, as it was the perfect opportunity to deep-clean the room, move the furniture about, and finally chuck out all the old, old, old and broken resources that had been kept on hand for years for no reason. Now the English room feels brand new and needs a wee bit of decoration, hence this pencil banner.

THIS craft started with this drawing of a pencil (download below):


MAKING my drawing into a template, all sorts of magic happened! I have since re-printed and laminated my template! I think my collection of laminated templates is getting out of hand!

The final product! I just used a black pen to colour in the tip of the pencil!

I have to apologise for the photos! Since moving down to the shared office, space – and natural light – is limited.

HAVING whipped up this prototype, I turned my mind to how I could adapt these for the classroom. I dug out some patterned paper I had lying around (by which I mean it was in the beautifully organised pair of magazine files on my desk) and added some black letters (more on these below), glued everything together, and laminated!


To make the letters, I made my own stencil. I drew the letters out backwards, printed and laminated the sheet, then cut out the letters, like so:


I then traced this onto black card and cut it out. This way there were no marks on the front of the letters and it was much quicker to trace out too!

I’m looking forward to hanging these in the English classroom, which is ten times more awesome than it was last year!

I also made myself a set to carry between homerooms. If the kids can’t go to the English room, then the English room will come to them!


How are your classrooms looking this year? Are you decorating one room, or are you finding ways to take English into the Homeroom? Let me know below!


Pencil Template

ENGLISH reverse letters template

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