Mixtape Monday | 2

Untitled design (5)FEBRUARY was quite the month. A month that resulted in the death of laptop and external hard drive, and only one of these was fixed (the laptop). The external hard drive was consigned to hard drive heaven, and for a hot minute there, there was a lot of music potentially lost to me.

THANKFULLY, I was able to scrabble the majority of my music back and now have 2 hard drives and cloud storage to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

THE upshot of all this is that the iTunes library had to be rebuilt (my music folders are less than organised) and all the recently played counts, most listened to songs, and playlists got lost.

FRUSTRATING though this is, and time consuming, it’s also exciting rediscovering music that has long been buried in the depths of the iTunes library.

SO, what have I been listening too lately? A whole mess of all-sorts is what, and I’m loving it. There’s new, there’s old, there’s Korean, there’s English… Let’s have a wee look at my top listens in the last few weeks!

Florence and the machine album cover

Florence + The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

I attach to this song memories of early morning walks to work when I was a student. It’s very much attached to walking through empty streets in the wee hours, my small piece of calm before the storm that was early morning rush hour in the station – I was a barista! The first few bars take me back there, and I love it.


outasight the wild life

Outasight – The Wild Life

I was out with my friend – out first time drinking together since she found out she was pregnant – and we ended up in a bar in our town neither of us knew existed. The atmosphere was great, the drinks were reasonably priced, and the music was on point. I Shazamed this beauty and it’s been on repeat ever since!


LEs choristes album cover

Les Avions En Papier – Bruno Coulais (Les Choristes)

Honestly, this whole album is beautiful, but this song is one of the best! This is another album from my university years. My flatmate was studying French and we watched a number of films together. Les Choristes (The Chorus) is an incredible film and would recommend that as strongly as the soundtrack!



Kim Sunggyu – True Love

Infinite were one of the Kpop groups I really got into, and I was immediately drawn to Sunggyu’s voice. He released two mini albums, years apart, and after a lengthy break from releases for both the him and the group, I was over the moon to have back to back comebacks! This album is golden, but True Love get’s me in the feels, and the MV was shot in Hong Kong!!


MX Spotlight cover

Monsta X – Spotlight

This song is showing no signs of dropping off my most favourite list! I’m still listening to it, still loving it. Having said this, today (the 26th) Monsta X drop their new release and from what snippets I’ve heard, Spotlight is soon to be usurped! I need Destroyer on my ipod weeks ago!

he Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman & The Greatest Showman Cast – From Now On

This is the most played song from this album on my pod at this moment in time! It’s so reflective, sad and joyful all at once, I love it. Pasek & Paul are incredible writers!



got7 eyes on you

Got7 – Look

Personally, I’ve liked pretty much everything Got7 have released – I am aware that that’s not the case with everyone! This song takes them in a new direction, but it works and boy is it a jam! Kpop in 2018 has been churning out the bops and is showing no signs of letting up!



Janelle Monae make me feelJanelle Monae – Make Me Feel

This month, Janelle Monae released two singles from her upcoming album, Dirty Computer. I have loved her since hearing Tightrope way back in 2010 – I still can’t believe it was that long ago – and I have enjoyed seeing her flourish in the realm of acting. Her return to music with Make Me Feel is a Prince homage that is utterly stunning and completely her own. It’s perfection!


you got the dirtee love

Florence + The Machine & Dizzie Rascal – You Got The Dirtee Love

Speaking of 2010, this collaboration from the 2010 Brit Awards was buried in the depths of the itunes library. It’s still a favourite, and is still as magical now as it was then!




B.o.B – Strange Clouds (album)

Rounding off this list, we have a whole album. Another that had been somewhat forgotten about, but has made it’s presence felt with full force. And I’m not mad about it! This album evokes so many memories, and I love it for that alone, but it’s aged so well, and B.o.B’s lyrics are amongst my favourite! It’s good to have this gem back in rotation!

What have you been listening too recently? Have you rediscovered any old favourites? Have you happened upon a new song that you just can’t stop listening to? Tell me more below!

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