ESL | DIY Board Game Counter

SOMETIMES an idea is so obvious, you wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. My flash of inspiration happened in the wee hours of the morning when I realised I had completely forgotten to drop by the stationery store on the way home to pick up some new counters, having had several go missing over the course of several lessons featuring Snakes and Ladders.

ONE of my CELTA course instructors had this wee pouch in which he kept dice, and I remember him telling us that this was a useful thing to have in your teachers tool-kit; though I’m sure I’m re-phrasing this many years on… Regardless of the accuracy of my memory, the advice stuck with me, and it wasn’t long before I had a wee pouch of my own:


THE contents has changed over time, but it really is one of the most invaluable things in my (rather large) teacher toolkit. My counters, however, were far less fun than my dice look -the colourful ones came from Daiso in the party section for anyone who wants to grab some of their own.

LUCKILY, a swift DIY later, with materials I already hand, gave me this beautiful array of pompom board game counters:

This is all you need! Simples!

AND in ten minutes, I was good to go for the second day of Snakes and Ladders, and my students loved them!

What are your ride-or-die items in your teachers tool-kit? Share down below!

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