ESL | Alphabet Cards

ENGLISH. It’s easy as ABC. Or is it?

LEARNING the alphabet is the first thing any language learner does. Being able to decipher the squiggles on a page goes a long way to helping you decipher your language of choice. In Europe, this doesn’t present much of an issue as we mostly share the foundation that is the Roman alphabet. Teaching in Korea, these kids work between two, sometimes three alphabets – they often learn Hanja (Chinese characters) too. Throw in the ever changing English education directives from on high, a mixed attendance of Hagwons, and the recent removal of English teaching to First and Second graders, and the result is, you have a handful of students who just aren’t getting there with the English Alphabet!


THAT is where these alphabet cards come in. Small enough to be kept in a pencil case, they are so useful for students who just can’t connect the sound to the letter, for whatever reason. In my current school, I am unable to dedicate enough 1:1 time to these students, but this little trick is keeping some of those struggling students up to speed with the rest of the class!

THERE are two size options available in the PDF download below, and each has the option of printing ‘Alphabet’ on the back – that’s just something I like to do.

I simply printed and laminated a handful, and I give them to the students who need them and they can be kept in their pencil case, or their textbook or notebook. Depending on the number of students you have, you could also have a stack of these kept in the classroom to distribute – and then collect – as and when you need them! It really is up to you.


IT’S not always easy, or possible, to fill the missing gaps in English here,  but that doesn’t mean that bumps in the road can’t be worked around. With these as prompts or guides, the hope is that, eventually, the alphabet will stick and the students will no longer need this crutch. Until then, I’m happy to give them any kind of  help I can!

DO you have any tips or tricks for students who are struggling with the alphabet? Share them below!


Alphabet Cards


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