Best of… |April 2018

I’m not sure where April went – it seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye!


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It’s been quite the month… The news seems to move at quite the pace these days, sometimes too fast to catch up. This months top headline came towards the end of the month, and crowns a tense period of time on the peninsula.

Hands Of History‘ (Saturday 28th April, 2018)

Friday 27th’s meeting between the two Koreas was historic, with some of my colleagues commenting that it was the most incredible thing to have happened in their lifetime. The west has viewed the last year or so as more tense than usual between the two Koreas, when it has, in fact, been business as usual, but nothing can take away from how big of a deal Friday 27th’s meeting was!




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This has been a baking thin month, surprisingly. The stress has been too great even for baking!



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I HAVE READ A BOOK!!! And I read the whole thing on the last day of April – I just made it, and I could not put it down.

I had heard rumblings about The Cruel Prince by Holly Black all over booktube, and was keen to try it out! I held out on buying it though, waiting for it to come on offer in the UK Kindle store, which it duly did. Finally, today, I got round to reading it!

It’s. So. Good.

Just as one series I’m reading (Red Queen series) is about to come to a close, another series has risen to take it’s place, and I am already eager for the next installment… which comes in January 2019!

The Cruel Prince



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School has been another whirlwind, with the timetable running me off my feet, sometimes it feels like I have no time to breath!



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I actually watched something new this month! And it was a K-drama, something I’ve not watched in a while.

I’ve been meaning to watch Because This Is My First Life for quite some time, and just never been in the mood! My Korean isn’t good enough to be able to stick on TV and no pay attention. Finally, I sat down to watch it.

It is far more slice of life than many Korean dramas, and while some of it may appear quite outlandish to western sensibilities, having lived here for some time, I can see the truth in much of this drama.

I was a little worried, once I’d worked out why I knew the lead actress, that this realisation would put a dampener on my enjoyment of the drama. Thankfully it did not. She was the lead in Playful Kiss, and much as I enjoyed that drama, I found her character nauseating. In Because This Is My First Life she proves that she is not a one-trick pony!

I would recommend Because This Is My First Life, and a I now totally understand what my co-teacher meant when she said it gave her the same feelings as Goblin!



What have I even done this month…



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My favourite craft from April was actually posted in May, but as it was made ahead of time, I’m going to count it here!



new doc 2018-02-07 13.20.13_1

I’m finding it hard to keep up with music in 2018, I’m not going to lie!

It will probably be a surprise to no one that knows me, that Pentagon‘s Shine has been THE tune of the moment!

Super Junior‘s Lo Siento has been high on the list – the Korean/Spanish mix works… I didn’t know I needed such a combination!

Eric Nam came back with a mini album that’s different to his previous more mellow releases, but still showcases his exceptional voice with some cracking beats, and he has a tour to go with it! It’s good to have him back on the music scene!

EXO’s unit, CBX dropped a new release in April. I didn’t pay much mind to their last one, it didn’t grab me, but Blooming Day is a tune! Another simple, fairly basic song, but executed so, so well.

I’m going to count this, as it came to my attention of the first of May, but the Violet Evergarden OST has been on repeat. I missed out on the whole anime thing growing up – all we got was spirited away. There were some odd feelings towards anime in my household, so I feel I missed out on a fair swathe of entertainment that I am only now dipping my toe into! This seems to be a promising start!


Fashion & Beauty


This month it has been about the skincare more than anything else! I’ve had a couple of months where the hormonal acne has been worse than ever, and I have no doubt that the subliminal stress of the impending move has more than a little to do with it too. So April has been all about finding ways to combat it!

I have tried many cleansing brushes over the years, to varying degrees of success, and I’ve found a holy grail, courtesy of Miniso!

Miniso Cleansing Brush

If you’re thinking it looks familiar, you’d be right! It’s very, very reminiscent of the Clarisonic cleansing brush, but there is a major, major difference. The Price. The Clarisonic ranges from £125 and upwards. I scored my Miniso version for £11. Not even. And that was on sale. Full price, if I remember rightly, would be about £15. That saving is unreal! And replacement brush heads retail for £2.50!

Using this is a dream. My face feels so clean and fresh, more so than ever before, and I can’t believe it took me so long to purchase one! It was a stellar investment.

Another skincare product that I finally tried out comes from Etude House. The AC Clean Up Pink Powder Treatment is a £9 wee jar of brilliance. Dip a cotton bud all the way into the pwder (no shaking) and apply to spots before you head to bed. It really does make a huge difference. It doesn’t magic them away, but it speeds up the healing process immeasurably. It’s pretty much the same kind of thing as the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, which is a whopping £32. Again, what a saving!

etude house ac clean up

On a side note, I think the pink thing is getting a touch out of hand…

One last thing that has been a thing this month, has been nails. The undercurrent of stress has been wreaking havoc with my nails, and I’m definitely not the type to pay to have my nails done when I can do it myself! This actually started in March, but as there was overlap, I’m counting it!

Still in love with the matte yellow!



new doc 2018-02-07 13.40.46_1


There was a lot of writing in April. This is my very hardcore set-up, which I think I’ve mentioned before:




How was April for you? Did you get up to anything new and exciting? What is the next month holding for you? Exciting plans? For me, there’s a wedding to cross continents for!

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