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IF you’ve been hanging about here a while, you’ll know I’m all about crafting – if it stays still long enough it will be utilized for my craft needs. As such, my teacher toolkit is a little broader than most, but in this post I’ve tried to pare it down to the bare essentials. This post is written with a Korean public school in mind and will, of course, vary depending on where you work.


FIRST things first, your board. In Korean schools, the chalkboard is often still king. I have no problems with this at all, and a part of my absolutely loves using chalk, but you never know when a surprise whiteboard will be thrown at you. As a result, I have chalk and whiteboard markers in an array of colours.

THERE are a variety of chalk holders available in Korea, and the Mungyo ones are the most often seen – they also have a magnetic strip allowing you to stick them to the board, which is pretty neat, if you ask me!


NEXT up, marking. It’s taken me a while to get used to the Korean system of circles in place of ticks, and strike-throughs in place of crosses. That being said, the infamous red crayon has become a staple in my toolkit.

Your nearest Alpha, Dream Depot or local stationery store will carry most of what’s above.


red pencils

THESE crayons are great fun, and have but one purpose – marking. You don’t sharpen them – they’re the kind where you pull on the string and unwrap a little of the outer casing to expose the lead inside. One thing to note – these crayons stain like no one’s business.

You’ll find these in most stationery stores, and in packs in some Daiso’s. Remember, not all Daiso’s are equal!


FOLLOWING the crayons on the list of essentials, is stickers. By far the easiest reward system, and a great excuse to buy stickers. I may be an English teacher, but I’m still happy to use stickers with Korean on them!


This is a sample of my collection. Head to any stationery store or a Daiso and see what they’ve got. They all stock different things at different times. I’ve also found the big three marts sometimes have good stickers in their stationery sections! 


I would these two, at times, forgotten items. You can’t always guarantee you’ll find either around school with ease, so best to have your own just in case. A stapler and a single hole punch. You just never know!

Local stationery stores will carry both of these!


INTO paper products, and we have the mighty post-it. Useful for yourself and useful for classes. You can go basic and square, bright or pastel, or push the boat out and get ice cream shaped ones… Korea blows the sticky-note game wide open!

These can be found anywhere and everywhere; large marts, stationery stores , Daiso. for the hella cute ones, Hot Tracks and ArtBox are great options!


LAST up on the list, is a desk calendar. Whether you prefer one that stands alone, or one that you keep under a mouse matt, the options are endless. As the plans are want to change, and lessons shift at the very last minute, keeping a small handle on what’s going on day-to-day is really useful!

There are a plethora or options. I use combination of my own printable calendar and a desk one that i keep in a desk matt:


YOU may have noticed this pink in the background of many of my recent photos, this is where it comes from!

I got my matt from Gmarket, but Daiso sometimes stocks similar items. The calendar in the matt was also a Daiso number, but I’d also recommend Hot Tracks or ArtBox!

And that concludes my teacher toolkit. Is there anything you think is missing form the list that I should add? Let me know down below! ^^

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