ESL | Open Class 2018

IT’S that time of year again! Open Class season is upon us and this year has been my worst yet. This is my 4th open class for myself, but my 5th overall, and preparing for it has been a nightmare. I started writing this having just finished re-working the whole thing after the practice run bombed! Awful as it is when that happens, this is why I always ask for at least one run-through ahead of time, preferably with a day or two of padding, just in case.

AFTER our run-through, I was pretty sure I was going to have to scrap nearly everything, and I started doing just that, but that wasn’t working either. So I went back to the original open class, and re-worked what I had.

NOW the open class is done, and I’m really happy with the result. Having ironed out the (pretty massive) kinks and re-worked the worksheet and lesson plan, I put something together that is true to my creativeness, fit the lesson parameters, and was pretty fun too!

ppt screen shot open class 1



This open class followed a pretty simple format: Review > Story > Worksheet > Game

  • Review – This section focused on lesson vocabulary, taught in previous lessons.
  • Story – I wrote this story to include directions (in which students read the red text) and my own characters. It’s more interesting than the textbook for sure!
  • Worksheet – The worksheet follows on from the story; a gap fill of the direction phrases in the story, and then the students create two of their own, using the map from the story.
  • Game – A reading game, where students need to read 7 sentences to gain a point for their team.

THE class ended up being super fun, my students were amazing, and in a mixed class of one of the highest level students in the year, and one of the lowest, they all completed the worksheets and took part in the game with great confidence, and that means more than anything else!

If you’re doing a lesson on directions, and fancy following this lesson, the resources are available to download below!


Open Class 2018 PPT

Open Class 2018 Worksheet

Reading Game Sentences


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