ESL | The Spelling Test 2.0

IF you’ve been reading since the beginning, then you’ll have seen my previous post about Spelling Tests. Why, then, am I posting another one? To put it simply: Students change, and you need to change with them.

IN my four years in Korea, I have taught five very different 6th grades (I started mid-school year). Some have been extremely high level. Others have been less so. This years 6th grade is one of the most challenging, with a solid mix right across the board. so I’ve had to tweak my spelling test a little bit. Spelling is not their strong suit.

I took you through my spelling test methodology last time, and little has changed. The download has been updated, and there’s not two options: one for words and sentences (8 lines), circa the previous spelling test post, and own just for words (10 lines).

HERE’S an example of the new spelling test option. I’ve included the vocab sheet for reference. This is vocabulary from a test our students did last week, where they had to translate the Korea, leading to many colourful spellings; attempts by a vast majority of students to spell English phonetically!

WHILST they deserve an A+ for effort and imagination, regular spelling tests have now been implemented. Here’s hoping it makes a difference.


Spelling Tests 2018

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