Mixtape Monday | 4

2018 is still killing it musically. Nearly halfway through the year, music really is the balm that is soothing the ills of the outside world. Without further ado, let’s get into I’ve been loving recently.

panic_at_the_disco_pray_for_the_wicked_artworkPanic! At The Disco – Pray for the Wicked

I loved the pre-released tracks, and was greatly anticipating the full release the album. I was not disappointed. Once again, there isn’t a bad track on the album – much like all PATD’s previous releases. Hey Look Ma, I Made It and The Overpass are already firm favourites. Urie is a creative force to be reckoned with.

5sos youngblood album

5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood

I have long listened to 5SOS, but not generally paid them much mind. Youngblood came up on a spotify playlist and I was hooked instantly. I then went on to the full album, and boy oh boy is it a good-un! Recommended tracks are Babylon, Empty Wallets and Ghost of You. There are some heavy PATD vibes on some tracks, but not so much that it feels like a copy – it’s more the sounds you love done in the 5SOS style! It’s comfort and experimentation all in one!

btob this is us

BTOB – This Is Us

I was lucky enough to go the the United Cube concert this month, and see these boys perform live. It was a few days before this mini-album released, but they did perform The Feeling live, and a whole host of other tracks. Their vocals are no joke live, I tell you! This whole album is fantastic, from beginning to end, and is choc full of summer vibes.

Anne-Marie – Speak For YourselfAnne-Marie

FRIENDS spoke to me, but when I went back to listen to Anne-Marie’s other releases I wasn’t convinced. I was browsing itunes top singles, and came across 2002, and it turns out 2002 is that song for me – the one that unlocked all the others. I love it when that happens! Safe to say, this album has found it’s way onto the pod and has been most enjoyable.

united cube one이민혁, 프니엘, 정일훈, 장예은, 우석, 소연 – Mermaid

The United Cube concert was a wild affair, for sure, and graced us with this gem of a song from a group of rappers from various cube groups. It’s a classic track, nothing ground breaking, but well done, and showcases each individual superbly. Soyeon and Ilhoon steal the show, but no one is lacking!

ilhoon fancy shoesIlhoon – Fancy Shoes

Sticking with a theme, Ilhoon is on the list for the third time with his release from the Piece of BTOB series: Fancy Shoes. It’s the jazzier cousin of his solo release, She’s Gone. If you’re a fan of Zico, you’ll love this!

NOW-JAZZ_1500pxlNow That’s What I Call Jazz

Speaking of Jazz, the Now compilation people released this album this month. I love Jazz – all my early music purchases were forms of Jazz, and I have my dad to thank for that. Benny Goodman and Stephane Grappelli will forever be firm favourites. This compilation mixes the old with the new and is just all kinds of fabulous.

NUEST-W-WHO-YONu’est W – Who, You

This has literally just dropped (along with another on this list) but it’s already been on repeat all evening. Nu’est W made waves when the finally achieved their first music show win after 5 years and 221 days in October 2017. This release saw them rocket into the top ten within an hour of release. Dejavu, the title track, is a latin infused affair, with stunning choreo to match. I know this is going to be on the top of my recently played for months to come. (I’m also loving the album artwork!)

Seventeen call call callSeventeen – Call Call Call

The groups Japanese debut is one of their best tracks yet! Japanese releases from Kpop artists tend to be more creative, and go harder, than Korean releases do, the Japanese market being broader in it’s tastes. I love hearing what directions groups go with when they release original Japanese tracks. I can safely say that three of my favourite songs of the year so far have been original Japanese tracks.

story of light vol 3SHINee – The Story of Light Vol.3

Another mini-album that dropped today, the third and final in SHINee’s Story of Light series, and the most heart breaking of them all. They have been making references to Jonghyun in the past two music videos, but they have been delicate, not obvious. With Our Page, they bring Jonghyun’s loss the forefront, and the result is a beautiful song, and devastating music video. It is perfect. What really tugs at the heart strings though, is Lock You Down. In the end, SHINee will always, always, be five.

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