DIY Polaroids

POLAROID cameras are all the rage at the moment. Everyone has one. I have one… not that I use it. I find that Polaroids, fun as they are, never quite come out as I’d like. Clearly, I’m not as cool as I like to think I am!

SO I cheat, and I turn my Instagram photos into Polaroids. Of course, there are companies such as Social Print Studio who can turn your insta photos (or others) into all kinds of magical things, and I’ve purchased from them before, but I still like to do things myself where I can.

THIS doesn’t have to be a task relegated to regular photos. You could make Polaroids of your homeroom class for display, they could be used as students name tags, you could use them as part of a project… the possibilities are endless, and there’s none of the wait time from ordering them in from a third party.

A multi-step process, this may seem a little convoluted, but the results are worth it.

What you need:

  • photos
  • computer
  • colour printer
  • laminating pouches & laminater
  • white card
  • DIY Polaroids – Template (Download below)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pens / pencils etc of your choice


What to do:

  • First things first, you need to choose your pictures. You’ll need to spend a little time manipulating them into 6 cm x 6 cm squares. For those photos that aren’t square in shape, just give them white boarders. I put a load of 6 cm x 6 cm boxes into a publisher document and then added the photos on top. Simples!


  • Once you’ve got your photos organised, print them out on regular paper, and then laminate them. This may be an extra step, but it negates the need for a heavy duty printer or special photo paper! Once they’re laminated, you can cut them all out. Who’d know they weren’t actually photos!


  • Next up, print as many of the Polaroid frames as you need on white card, and cut them out.


  • You have your photos, you have your frames and now you can stick them together! My tip, keep the This Geeky Teacher text on the back, which means it doesn’t matter how neat your cutting is, great if you’re using these in class! Whats-more, if you hold the frame up to the light you’ll be able to see the outline of the square, and align your pictures pretty perfectly.


  • Finally, you can add your captions, any way you like! Hang them up, stick them onto cards, make name tags, make polaroids of historical figures – you could even get students to draw on the pictures before they’re laminated, I know I wouldn’t mind seeing Shakespeare in shades! The options are endless!



DIY Polaroids – Template


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