ESL | Spelling Booklet

WHILST I really like to be nice and prepared at the beginning of the school years, sometimes you’ll get part way through and realise that some things just aren’t working, or that your students aren’t learning at the rate or to the standard you anticipated. Every year group, every class, is different, and so teaching is a constant adaptation.

IN our case, this year spelling (as you may have noticed form last weeks post) has become a bit of a thorn in our side, though it has provided us with some truly delightful variations; I’m sure that many of you teaching in Korea will agree with me when I say “Chikeen” should absolutely become an addiction to the vernacular.

SADLY, inspired though some of the spellings are, I can’t let them slide, and proper spellings have to be learned – and to be honest, the students get off lighter than I did at school, American spellings are a little easier. In an effort to help our students out, enter the spelling booklet.

HAVING a set spelling list has some value, but I prefer a little more flexibility, as it’s impossible to guess where the weak points in each class, or year group, may be. So I have made a spelling booklet that can be printed when needs be, saving paper, and that utilises these very funky ring clips, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours!


It’s fairly self explanatory. You print of the cover, on whatever colour card you choose, and then you can add pages as you need them. The ring will keep the pages together and you can tailor them to your class’s spelling needs.


What kinds of things do you find yourself adapting year on year? Let me know in the comments below!


Spelling Booklet

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